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Orlando Estate Planning Attorneys - Wills and Trusts

Our Orlando estate planning lawyers represent individuals and families throughout Central Florida in all aspects of planning and administering their estates. While putting one’s personal affairs in order in the event of death is a topic that many wish to avoid, the careful planning of your estate is important.

A well-crafted estate plan can:

  • Enable you to arrange for the smooth transition of your assets
    after your death
  • Prevent your assets from being tied up in court
  • Shield your estate and heirs from taxes
  • Provide funds for your spouse, children and charities
  • Protect the continuity of the operations and ownership of a family business

Is Your Estate Planning On Track?

Estate Planning Help in Orlando FloridaWe are here to guide you safely through the variety of issues to protect your assets and family legacy. The main elements associated with the important choices in planning and administering your estate include:

Wills – A Last Will and Testament states how you want your assets and property to be distributed at death. A will can also be used to designate a preference for the guardian of any minor children you may have. Without a valid will, your estate becomes subject to Florida laws, and may not be distributed as you would like.

Living Will – This legal document allows you to specify the type of life-sustaining procedures that you do and do not want to be used to prolong your life in a terminal or end-stage condition. This incredibly important tool becomes a great help to family members who may be challenged with making such health care decisions on your behalf.

Powers of Attorney – A POA is a document that bestows upon a person of your choosing the legal right to act on your behalf in all manner of legal and business matters, when you cannot be present. There are various powers of attorney that may be beneficial to you.

Trusts – A robust estate planning tool, a trust expresses your specific orders and directions regarding how your assets are to be handled and distributed. Unlike wills, trusts are private documents and are not filed with the probate court and are often used in estate planning as a way to avoid Florida probate. We can also help you establish and fund a revocable living trust, which allow you to name yourself as the trustee complete control over and access to the trust while you are living.

Probate – The distribution of your estate under a will is controlled by a formal legal process called probate, and is administered via Florida probate court in the county in which you (the maker of the will) reside. Our firm assists in the administration of estates of all types and complexities.

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Help in Planning Your Estate in Orlando and throughout Central Florida

Florida Estate Planning Law FirmPoor estate planning, or the absence of an estate plan altogether, can be costly financially, and can lead to unnecessary strain between surviving family members.

Based in Altamonte Springs, Kramer Law understands the importance of protecting your family and assets. Our lawyers are skilled in helping you both identify and accomplish your estate plans and transition goals.

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We can handle all of your estate advisory matters, from drafting wills and creating trusts to handling the probate process of a loved one's estate.

After an interview, we can craft an estate planning package that can include:

  • A simple or complex will. A will can distribute your property as you direct. Also, if you are an adult child of an elderly parent, we qualify your parent for Medicaid without spending down assets.
  • Trusts, such as revocable trusts, testamentary trusts and life insurance trusts that can help your estate avoid the delay and expense of the probate process.
  • Living wills, health care directives, and powers of attorney, to determine end-of-life healthcare.
  • We can also skillfully guide you and your family through the probate administration process.

Contact an Orlando-based Trusts and Estates Lawyer

Contact Kramer Law for assistance in estate and probate matters. With every client, we provide prompt service and aggressive representation. We serve all of the areas of law that can affect your life; from estate planning to family law, to business law and more. Our multiple areas of competence allow you to work with us in whatever capacity you need, and allows us to ensure that your goals will always be met.

We offer payment plans, accept credit cards, are available for evening appointments. Our office is conveniently located right off of I-4, between 436 and 434.

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Kramer Law Firm: 5 out of 5 based on 33 user reviews.
“Steve Kramer is an excellent attorney. Very knowledgeable and devoted to helping his clients. His experience in foreclosure law is pretty impressive, and I know he has helped many people avoid bankruptcy and save their homes. He is very highly recommended!” Chelsea via Google+ Local
“I've spoken to the firm on two separate occasions for two separate matters. One was to get advice on letting a property go into foreclosure and the other was for a family matter. In both instances the attorneys I spoke with (one was Steve and I can't recall the other) gave me solid advice on how to move forward. I'd highly recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.” Michelle via Google+ Local
“Really awesome lawyer. They helped me with my foreclosure case. Mr. Kramer made sure that I would not owe any money to the bank after my short sale. I really would not have known where to start without his help.” Michelle via Yelp

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