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Florida Probate Law Videos to Help You through the Process

What is probate? Clients ask us this question all the time. Probate sometimes has a negative connotation attached to it, as if it should be avoided at any cost. Depending on a person’s needs and life goals, that may or may not be true.

Kramer Law presents a series of Florida probate law videos to provide families with accurate information and to remove the legal confusion that surrounds probate and estate administration.

Put in the simplest terms, probate is the judicial (court) process of settling a person’s estate after death. When a family member passes away, some or all of their assets typically go through a court supervised process called probate. The assets and property of the decedent are identified and assembled. Any debts against the deceased must be settled. The balance of the estate is distributed to the decedent’s heirs or beneficiaries.

Probate in Florida generally requires the hiring of an attorney, as the process can become quite complicated.

The determination of which property passes through probate can take a degree of investigation. Assets and property affected by probate are those assets held solely in the name of the deceased at the time of death. Assets that are jointly owned with survivorship rights, or assets that designate a beneficiary (such retirement accounts or insurance policies) would not transfer through probate. Determining which assets are subject to probate can be a complex issue, and is an important part of the estate administration process.

The probate of an estate is a time-consuming and often expensive process, and is why many people wish to avoid probate altogether. Proper estate planning can allow you to arrange your assets so that the Florida probate process is bypassed.

If a loved one has recently passed, it is important to have an understanding of how the probate process works. We invite you to visit our probate practice area and watch the Florida probate law videos. When you have questions, please contact Kramer Law for assistance.

Our probate attorneys represent clients throughout the Orlando area in the administration of all manner of estates. We assist personal representatives in all aspects of the estate administration process, and provide skilled advocacy in matters of disputed wills and probate litigation.

When you do need us, we understand that this is a time of great emotional sadness. Dealing with probate and making financial decisions can be overwhelming. Our caring, experienced team is here to assist and guide you every step of the way.

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