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When your family is at stake, the advice of a knowledgeable Orlando divorce lawyer is essential. At Kramer Law in Altamonte Springs, Florida, we provide skilled, compassionate representation for all family law matters – including divorce, custody, support, post-divorce modification, property division and paternity actions.

If you are facing divorce, you need an attorney with experience handling complex legal and emotional family law situations; someone who will protect your rights, your financial security and your future. If you have children, dealing with child custody, time sharing and support will be crucial aspects of your divorce.

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Our Orlando divorce lawyers can help you with:

Divorce Law Orlando FloridaUncontested Divorce – To ensure you receive fair treatment, an uncontested divorce may be all the more reason to seek guidance from a good divorce attorney. Divorces that start out peacefully often end up in strong disagreements on specific issues. We will work to make your divorce as efficient and seamless as possible.

Complex Divorce – For spouses with family business interests, complex assets or liabilities, or high assets or income, divorce can pose multiple, complicated legal issues. Your Orlando divorce lawyer must be well-versed in all of them.

Alimony – A complex and widely contested area of Florida family law, our attorneys will help you understand the types of alimony (spousal support) and what factors are considered in determining alimony. We will get resolution to your alimony matter as civilly and favorably as possible.

Alimony Modification  – Florida alimony payments generally may be modified if economic circumstances change substantially at some point after the divorce. Whether you need to modify your alimony orders or defend against a change, we will advocate for you at every step.

Child Custody / Visitation – Custody and visitation is unfamiliar territory for most newly divorced parents. We ensure you fully understand the options available to you; from there we help you present your very best case in the best interest of the child.

Child Support – Under Florida law, child support is based upon certain guidelines. Our family law attorneys are going to protect your rights and those of your children, to assure each child is taken care of in the best possible manner financially and that you are treated fairly in the process.

Child Support and Visitation Modifications – Once child support or timesharing orders have been set, any future changes that need to be made must go through the proper legal channels. Our family law firm helps clients modify visitation and support when a substantial change in circumstances has occurred in the life of one parent.

Division of Marital Property – The equitable division of marital property can be a complicated and frustrating matter to resolve. An Orlando divorce lawyer at Kramer Law is fully prepared to assist with even the most complex property division matters.

Division of Marital Debt – Just as Florida law requires property to be divided fairly, any debt accumulated during the marriage must also be distributed between both spouses. We will use the discovery process to determine the fair and true accounting of marital debts.

Domestic Violence – If you are the victim of domestic violence or abuse, contact us without delay. We will swiftly take the proper legal measures to ensure your safety and the safety of your children while protecting your rights.

Paternity Actions – If you have doubts about the paternity of a child, a paternity test can remove any lingering questions. Come to Kramer Law to discuss your legal concerns related to child paternity. Whether you are the father or mother, we will protect your rights and interests in addition to those of your child.

Prenuptial Agreements – Create a solid prenup (or postnup) now to avoid misunderstandings later. Our family law attorneys will explain your legal options clearly and logically, to ensure that the drafted agreement is fair, valid, and legally enforceable.

Timesharing - Parenting Plan – A parenting plan is required in every Florida divorce with children. Your Orlando divorce lawyer will work with you develop a timesharing schedule that is truly fair, is clearly defined, will avoid misunderstandings—and is in the child’s best interest right now and in the future.

Adoption – Kramer Law has experience helping families at every juncture of the adoption process, and will make sure that your rights are protected throughout the course of the adoption. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your plans to adopt a child.

Decisions that protect your family’s future

The Orlando divorce lawyers at Kramer Law are deeply committed to the individuals and families they serve. We are here to help you resolve each legal concern so you can regain control and move forward with your life. You will also have a steadfast, accomplished advocate in your corner to fight for what matters most if a dispute goes to trial.

We know how overwhelming family conflict can be and how painful it is to see a marriage end. We will guide you through this difficult process before, during and after your divorce.

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Effectively Resolving Family Law and Divorce Matters

Orlando Family Law AttorneysAfter intertwining your life with that of another, the separation process can be complicated.

We represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorce proceedings, addressing all matters related to divorce and other family legal issues, including:

We work diligently to ensure that our clients' rights and interests are protected. The agreements that you make during a divorce can have life-long consequences; make sure that you are fully informed of your options and the potential effects.

Handling Post-Divorce Modification and Enforcement Matters

The termination of a marriage may not be the termination of your relationship with your former spouse, especially if you have children. When your circumstances change you may need to change the terms of your child custody, visitation and support arrangements. If your former spouse does not meet his or her obligations, you may need the assistance of the court.

We represent clients in a wide range of post-divorce modification matters, including parental relocation, child support and visitation modifications, and enforcement actions.

Representing Mothers and Fathers in Paternity Actions

Although divorce is a prominent aspect of family law, it is certainly not the only family law matter.

In addition to handling legal matters related to divorce, we represent clients in paternity actions. Paternity actions help to ensure that both parents can participate in the rights and responsibilities of parenthood.

Given the legal obligations and rights that occur with paternity, it is important to consult with an experienced family law attorney who will properly advise and guide you.

Protect Your Rights in Divorce
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Family law matters, from prenuptials to complex divorce, can touch many different areas of the law. Kramer Law is a law firm ready to handle any legal issue that families may face in their lifetime. We have seasoned attorneys able to assist families and individuals in cases of estate planning, bankruptcy, criminal defense, business law, foreclosure, personal injury and civil litigation.

The diverse knowledge and experience that exists among our Orlando divorce lawyer team is highly beneficial in family law situations. Family law and divorce cases often overlap into several of these legal areas. As a team, we are able to offer resourceful solutions that cover the full range of family law situations.

At Kramer Law, we are dedicated to protecting your best interests. We look forward to helping you resolve your family legal issues in a way that best serves your needs, and protects your rights and the rights of your children.

To schedule a meeting with a family law lawyer at our firm, contact Kramer Law today. We serve clients throughout the Orlando area and Central Florida. Call 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

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