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Life can be unpredictable; circumstances can change. Sometimes an agreement that seems reasonable and fair at one point can later become impractical or impossible. This is especially true in the case of child support, child custody and visitation matters, where agreements must last for several years.

At Kramer Law in Altamonte Springs, Florida, our family law and divorce attorneys provide skilled representation for all post-divorce issues involving child support and visitation modifications.

If your circumstances have changed significantly and you want to change your child support or child custody arrangement, come to our offices to discuss your concerns with a knowledgeable lawyer.

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Child Support Visitation

Demonstrating a Significant Change in Circumstances

Florida law requires that parents show a "material and substantial" change in circumstances to warrant child support or visitation modifications.

A significant increase or decrease in one parent's income may warrant a change to child support levels; the need to relocate out of state for work may warrant a change to the child custody and visitation arrangements.

Our attorneys will work diligently to ensure that you obtain the necessary modifications. We understand the importance of timeliness in modification matters, and will work quickly to address your concerns. We have extensive courtroom experience, and can effectively convey your modification needs to a judge.

A Note to Parents: Protect Yourself

  • Even if you are confident that your situation warrants an immediate change to your child support or visitation order, you must wait to make any changes until you have court approval.
  • You must make the child support payments and follow the visitation schedule established under the original court order until a judge approves the modification.
  • In some cases, one parent gets permission from the other to change the child support amount, only to have the other parent later deny it. Protect your best interests and make payments until the modification is secured.

Enforcing the Terms of Your Divorce Decree

If your former spouse is not living up to the terms of your divorce settlement, there are a number of remedies that a family law attorney can pursue. We will petition the court to enforce child support orders, visitation, or other areas of your divorce settlement.

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