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The willful violation of a court-ordered obligation such as paying child support or alimony is illegal and carries stiff consequences. If you need an Orlando contempt of court attorney because someone who is ordered to pay you is not doing so, or if you disagree with a judgment ordering you to pay, have lost your job or are otherwise unable to honor your duties, then contact a family law attorney at TK Law.

Even if you believe you have a valid reason to ignore a court order, you could end up facing jail time, wage garnishment, and additional fines or attorney’s fees by not properly going through a judicial proceeding. More importantly, violating orders regarding child custody could result in a loss of some time-sharing privileges.

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Florida’s courts do not honor modified agreements made between parents and ex-spouses outside of court.

Whether you need to enforce a family court order or if you are found in contempt of court, TK Law can assist you. Our divorce and family law attorneys are clear on state laws and also handle multi-state jurisdictional issues relating to contempt or enforcement.

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Factors Involving Contempt of Court

There are direct and indirect ways in which someone is held in contempt of court. Direct ways involve actions in front of a judge that appear to hinder the court or affect the administration of justice. An example of direct contempt of court is unsolicited outbursts before a judge – especially when he or she requests that you quiet down – during a divorce or child custody hearing.

Florida law cites indirect contempt of court for actions not done in the sight of a judge but that violate a court order. This happens in cases including the following:

  • When an ex-spouse can no longer pay or refuses to pay court-ordered alimony, in total and on time, without filing for an official modification
  • When a non-custodial parent can no longer pay or refuses to pay child support, in total and on time, without filing for an official modification
  • When either parent takes a child beyond the court jurisdiction with the intent to deny the other parent his or her rights to the child
  • When a spouse, ex-spouse, parent or other family member violates a protection order
  • When either spouse fails to follow a custody order;
  • When either spouse fails to follow assorted provisions of the divorce decree or parenting plan, such as extracurricular activities

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It is extremely important to know that the only the court can modify a court order.

A knowledgeable attorney is necessary for the proper disposition of cases that involve contempt or enforcement matters. At TK Law, our clients gain an experienced law firm that handles cases across multiple practice areas. Contact us today.

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