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Protecting Mothers Rights in Child Custody and Support Actions

The demands on a mother after a divorce are significant. Often working one or two jobs, holding on to decent child care, and fighting for the best possible child support and custody arrangements can be a formidable challenge.

Both mothers and fathers have important legal rights regarding their children. There are times when serious issues arise concerning parenting plans, spousal support and paternity that must be dealt with legally.

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The first step in protecting your rights as a mother

Florida Mothers Rights AttorneysWith so much at stake, make sure you work with a Florida family law firm that is collectively committed to protecting a mother’s rights.

The attorneys at the Kramer Law Firm are such attorneys, and we deeply understand the importance of maintaining a strong mother-child relationship. We can protect your rights and help you resolve any issues you are facing, including:

  • Interference with custody and visitation (parenting time)
  • Child support
  • Modifications to support and custody orders
  • Spousal support
  • Paternity disputes
  • Violation of orders
  • Relocation
  • Domestic violence and spousal or child abuse

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We will help you make a plan that will protect you and ensure that the best interests of your children are served. Our firm is here for you now and will be here for you and your family for years to come.

Mothers’ Custody Rights in Florida Divorce

Florida courts are in favor of “shared parenting” when both parents are of sound mind and want to be involved in their children’s lives. However, emotions and conflict can still play a part in the aftermath of these orders. Your spouse may disregard court orders or find ways to obstruct your legal rights.

Our attorneys will help you resolve these complicated issues, as well as represent you in enforcement of child support.

Unmarried / Single Mothers’ Rights to Paternity Action

An unmarried mother has different courses of action to consider.

In the case of unwed parents, Florida law designates the mother as the natural custodian of a minor child. The mother therefore has sole legal rights over the child until paternity is established.

As a single mother, you have the right to establish paternity on behalf of the child. If you choose to file a paternity action against the biological father, the court will establish legal paternity through DNA or blood testing. As a result, you may take the steps toward securing child support and sharing parental responsibilities together.

Unmarried mothers need to consider that by establishing paternity, they may share parental responsibility with the father, and the father is able to take legal actions in order to exercise his rights as the father.

With the serious legal issues that surround paternity cases, you will be well-served to seek experienced legal counsel.

Mothers’ Rights to Child Support in Florida

Are you a working mother? A stay-at-home mom? Perhaps you are self-employed. These and other scenarios bring many different elements into child support and even custody cases.

While Florida adheres to child support guidelines and calculations, it is also based on truthful reporting of income by both parents. If you suspect your spouse has lied on his financial disclosure, there are strong actions we can take to remedy this.

We can help you understand how Florida’s child support laws apply to your situation and how the court may view your case. We can ensure that your mothers’ rights and your children’s best interests are fully protected through child support payments that are fair and just.

Remember, a biological father without legal paternity has no obligation to pay child support. If you are an unmarried mother of a minor child, you will not be able to collect child support from the father without legally establishing fatherhood.

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Mothers’ Rights in Domestic Violence

If your home is threatened by domestic violence, contact our law firm immediately. We will take swift legal action to protect your family’s safety through restraining orders and if necessary, limit time-sharing, order supervised visitation, or pursue termination of parental rights of the abusive spouse.

Mothers’ rights, including paternity rights, are deeply connected with other areas of law. Establishing paternity, or declaring that someone is not the child’s father, can cause a ripple effect on divorce settlements, estates, property, custody, visitation, child support and spousal support.

In all cases, the Kramer Law Firm will provide you with full-service representation now and in the future, with the one-on-one attention you need.

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