10 Ways a Good Divorce Lawyer Can Truly Help You

A good divorce lawyer is going to take care of you and your case in ways that you may not have considered, and beyond what you would normally expect.

You might get divorced once, maybe twice. The best divorce attorneys have represented hundreds of divorce cases. Someone with years of experience and dedication to family law is invaluable when it comes to protecting your rights and your future.

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Having skilled legal counsel in your corner brings a whole different outlook to the case. Feelings of fear and confusion shift to a perspective of rationality, objectivity, and confidence – and the difficult transitions caused by divorce will ultimately be a time of positive change.

The divorce attorneys at TK Law in Orlando are deeply committed to the individuals and families they serve. Below are 10 ways in which our good and caring lawyers can genuinely help you and your case:

1. A good divorce lawyer lays out both the good news and the bad.

The hallmark of great legal counsel is, regardless of your situation and no matter what you may want to hear, that attorney is going to give you the legal guidance that will protect your best interests. Always—even if it is not the most popular advice.

In the midst of emotional conflict, the adept lawyer will be upfront about the details that affect your case: costs, length of proceedings, advantages and disadvantages of various legal options. A good attorney is going to make absolutely sure you understand the facts and your options, because you need to identify and plan for those things that will no longer be as they were before.

2. Top attorneys strive for favorable settlement; – yet are fully prepared to go to trial.

The primary goal is to reach a resolution to all issues of a divorce through negotiation, settlement, or mediation. A good divorce attorney knows that one of the most successful strategies in securing a favorable settlement at any stage of a divorce case is to have the reputation and ability as a competent, effective trial lawyer who will proceed formally to trial, if necessary.

It takes years of experience as trial lawyers to build and maintain a strong reputation as a successful divorce litigator with the skills and assurance to try complex divorce cases.

3. A highly competent attorney breeds confidence.

People facing divorce feel like they’re standing on shaky ground. For example, budgets and finances will be upset, as you try to establish your own separate household.

Or you may fear spending less time with your children than before, as shared custody and parenting plans set legally binding visitation and living arrangements. Yet just because the future will be different, does not mean it will be unfair.

Having a trusted attorney guide you and develop your case allows you to reach workable timesharing, fair asset distribution and other agreements faster and with less stress.

And if the divorce becomes contested, knowing you have an accomplished trial attorney prepared to go bat for you is a great advantage.

4. A good divorce lawyer can protect your reputation

Divorce has potential to become very negative. Maintaining your reputation is critical, yet many people do not take this into account. Emotions run high in divorce proceedings, and a spouse may use this opportunity to launch an unjustified attack on the other spouse.

It is hard in these cases to take the high ground and not retaliate with further unfavorable conduct. These situations call for counsel who is accomplished in dealing with high conflict cases, where one or both parties’ reputations have had to be managed throughout the case.

You have worked hard to build a good reputation; you do not want to see it destroyed due to negative conduct because emotions run amuck. A resourceful, perceptive divorce lawyer can be invaluable in these cases.

5. The best divorce lawyers will advise you not to take certain actions.

As Orlando family law attorneys, one of the most difficult aspects of our job is to advise clients that they are not acting in an advantageous or appropriate manner. It is our job to tell you gently but firmly when you are wrong, and why.

One scenario might be when a parent has a motive to hurt the other parent. For example: Jim and his wife Mary are involved in a heated custody battle. Mary – the custodial parent – wants to reduce Jim’s visitation with the kids. She has been gathering “evidence” – but they are unfounded allegations of abuse and neglect. Mary wants to take Jim to court on the matter.

Filing frivolous motions when there is no basis to reduce the parenting time or change the custody agreement will only hurt her case. Unless Mary changes her thinking and interfering behavior, she faces losing custody or severely restricting her own time with the kids. A wise family law attorney will advise when legal action is appropriate, and make sure the client understands all benefits and consequences.

6. A good divorce lawyer will educate you.

Family law is complicated. So, beginning with the initial consultation, a good attorney is going to give you the information you need that will help you get control and set the direction for the process of divorce in your case.

You need to fully understand your choices, and the consequences of your decisions. This includes how Florida divorce laws will affect you and your children, and what you might expect as far as alimony, child support, and property and debt division.

7. Because they know the “danger zones,” good family law attorneys help you avoid making expensive mistakes.

These danger zones might include

  • Valuable asset divisions that are commonly overlooked, such as retirement plans and pension plans that do not pay any money until sometime in the future.
  • Recognizing drafted legal documents that you may think are binding but are in fact unenforceable.
  • Assuming all property is to be divided 50-50. The resourceful divorce attorney will find ways to equitably distribute certain marital property so that their client is the beneficiary, while the other party benefits in other ways.
  • Spouses may feel the need to use litigation as a way to seek revenge on their partner. This is a recipe for financial and emotional disaster. The results will be an enormous legal bill without resolving the real issues of the divorce while unnecessarily subjecting the family to the rigors of litigation. A good family law attorney will not let this happen, even though he or she stands to lose out on the legal fees.

8. Good divorce attorneys prepare you for your new reality, and to look ahead.

It is often said that family law attorneys see good people at their worst. This is because the process of divorce is a confusing and troubling experience for both parents and children. The attorney who handles your family matter must deeply respect your situation by listening closely, and having a straightforward dialogue with you.

When greeting each new client, a good divorce lawyer knows his or her job is to prepare and help that individual to come to terms with their insecure and unfamiliar state of affairs. Your attorney is going to support and protect your desire to be treated fairly during the divorce process and thereafter. Neither spouse should be placed at a disadvantage, especially when children are involved.

So one thing our attorneys require from our clients is honesty. We can only do our very best for you when our chain of communication with you is candid and open. We encourage our client’s dedicated participation throughout every stage of their case.

9. Resourceful lawyers know how the judge can impact your case.

In Florida family court, you do not get to pick the judge. And like attorneys, judges come in varying degrees of experience, skill and bias. Judges develop their own style, opinions and past records and achievements.

So while you cannot select the judge, you can select a good, seasoned divorce lawyer who is familiar with the courtroom style of the judges who may hear your case. Active local attorneys also interact with local judges through their involvement with Florida Bar Associations and the Orange County Bar Association, as well as family law continuing education.

An insightful lawyer will know how the various judges have ruled on previous cases similar to yours, and can adjust his or her legal strategy towards that particular judge.

10. Exceptional lawyers bring real value to the lives of their clients.

The people and families we serve will judge us by the value we deliver. So to divorcing spouses and parents, our family law firm’s reputation must be based on integrity. You simply cannot be a good divorce lawyer without integrity.

Your attorney essentially helps design the future for you and your children. One wrong step in a divorce case can lead to destructive situations. Even an uncontested divorce can become problematic if you and your spouse cannot agree on terms or if your lawyer mishandles your case.

At TK Law, our goal is to help you and your children transition to the next phase of your life as efficiently as possible.

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