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Florida Estate Planning Videos Introduce Important Legal Options

Whether you are a senior, a middle aged professional, a young parent, a baby boomer, a beneficiary or a fiduciary, at some point having a good, solid estate plan, with the proper estate administration, will become critical to you and your family.

Yet estate planning is an effort that many people put off thinking about. The attorneys at Kramer Law provide Florida estate planning videos to introduce legal opportunities that many people are not aware of. Our videos also explain critical reasons for all individuals to overcome any procrastination of their own estate planning.

A good exercise is to ask yourself these ten questions:

  1. Have you made proper estate plans in the event you become disabled?
  2. What is a will, and do you really need a lawyer to draft one?
  3. Have you made written legal plans specifying the type and extent of medical and personal care you would want if you become unable to communicate your own decisions?
  4. Do you have a Power of Attorney that grants someone you trust the legal power to make decisions on your behalf?
  5. Have you taken steps to ensure your assets and property go to the beneficiaries you choose, in the orderly manner that you choose, avoiding probate (if appropriate) and with minimum taxation or other expenses?
  6. Have you ensured that minor children or loved ones with special needs will be cared for according to your wishes during your lifetime and upon your death?
  7. Have you made a plan to protect your real estate, savings and other family wealth, before you become a target of a lawsuit, creditors or other predator?
  8. Have you informed your family and health care providers about your end-of-life wishes and declared those wishes in writing via the proper legal documents (advance directives)?
  9. If you own a business or are a professional, have you taken measures to limit liability against personal assets?
  10. Have you consulted with your estate planning attorney to get these important documents in place as soon as possible?

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Estate plans can be very simple or highly complex. The reality is that a good estate plan is a must for everyone.

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Watch our Florida estate planning videos to learn more, then call the team at Kramer Law for professional, caring assistance. We strive to be the only law firm you will need for Florida estate planning and all of your family and business-related legal matters.

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