Marital Settlement Agreement

A marital settlement agreement (MSA) is the process by which divorcing spouses come to terms on the issues related to their divorce. They are able to set the terms and conditions of obligations of both parties without going to trial. The Orlando divorce lawyers at TK Law help our clients develop these decisions into a comprehensive and effective settlement agreement.

A significant portion of our family law practice is to assist our clients throughout the MSA process. The settlement agreement is much more than just drafting a blank form. Our attorneys prepare a complete and accurate settlement agreement that protects our client’s rights including

Before this contract ever becomes legally issued, our clients understand each and every term of the divorce settlement. Once the MSA is completed, it becomes the legal contract for divorce in Florida—legally binding and subject to the enforcement powers of the court.

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Divorce Settlement Mediation Attorneys

It is likely the spouses and their attorneys will meet in mediation to ensure both parties and all assets and debts are fairly represented. The same attorney cannot represent both spouses. TK Law is a staunch advocate of mediation, and our attorneys are exceptionally qualified to provide legal counsel throughout the mediation process, to negotiate and work through the terms of the settlement agreement on behalf of our client.

Children, Parenting Plans and Settlement Agreements

Any issues relating to child custody in Florida, also referred to as visitation or timesharing, and any other parental obligations are outlined in a parenting plan. The parenting plan may be established through a simple divorce, through a mediation agreement, or as ordered by the court. The parenting plan is referenced in the MSA and is a critical part of the final divorce judgment.

The parenting plan encompasses the rights and responsibilities of both parents, including time-sharing (visitation), support, health insurance coverage, uninsured medical expenses, and various other issues concerning the raising and well-being of the child.

TK Law attorneys care deeply about the stability, happiness and prosperity of our client’s children. Our knowledgeable family law attorneys work hard to present the very best case for the mothers and fathers we serve that is in the best interest of the child.

Do You Need an Attorney to Draft a Marital Settlement Agreement?

Florida law does not mandate that a settlement agreement be drafted by an attorney, and many divorcing spouses seeking an uncontested divorce attempt to do it themselves. Yet doing so often results in unfortunate circumstances where an unsuspecting spouse loses vital entitlements allowed under Florida statutes.

As a marriage ends, a spouse’s financial security may literally be at stake; a hasty approach to any financial decisions can become devastating. A knowledgeable divorce attorney at TK Law will ensure the marital agreement is fair, will protect you, and will stand up in court and avoid future disputes.

Also, what begins as an amicable divorce can quickly evolve into a battle over finances, property or children. Any such disputes that cannot be reconciled out of court must be decided in court. Our divorce lawyers are respected trial attorneys who will represent your case with skill and compassion.

When you meet with TK Law, we will assist you in evaluating all of your marital assets and debts, including the amount of:

  • Cash on hand and in banks
  • Money you owe and that is owed to you
  • Real estate, including current residence, and furniture
  • Business interests
  • Vehicles
  • Retirement and life insurance policies
  • Pensions and retirement in a military divorce
  • Collectibles and Jewelry
  • Other assets

Our attorneys will protect any property and assets that should not be regarded as part of the marital estate, as well as work to uncover and verify a client’s allegations of assets that have been hidden from the divorce settlement by an ex-spouse.

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Can You Modify a Settlement Agreement?

As life changes, certain aspects of a settlement agreement can be changed, either by agreement of the parties or by court order.

In cases of child support and visitation modifications, as well as spousal support modifications, change is often needed and justified. TK Law represents clients in modifications to the marital agreement when necessary. We just as ably represent our clients from the standpoint of objecting to an opposing spouse’s unfounded request for modification.

On the other hand, the division of property, assets and debt, once enacted, generally cannot be modified. On rare occasions a judge may grant modification if fraud, deceit or some other misrepresentation of assets and liabilities was made before both parties signed the agreement or if a waiver of disclosure was not attached. However, a court can rule any of these actions as contempt – the last thing one needs when recovering from a divorce.

In some cases an appeal may be justified if the results of a divorce decree are unsatisfactory.

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Caring Orlando Divorce Attorneys

Divorce can be one of life’s hardest experiences. When aiming to reach a peaceable agreement to move forward as best as possible, an experienced family attorney is essential in separating emotions from fair and legal facts.

Contact TK Law for a free consultation to discuss your marital settlement agreement and other divorce concerns. Count on us for capable legal guidance in all family issues. Our firm is here to assist you in any legal matter that you may encounter in your life.

Some of your divorce questions may be answered on our Florida Divorce Video Channel. This information in no way replaces the need to speak with an experienced family lawyer.

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