High Net Worth Divorce in Florida

Why To Keep it Out of Court?

How to Handle Your High Asset Divorce

Are you heading for a high net worth divorce in which considerable assets are at stake? You may fear that the process will be a ruthless legal battle lasting months or years.

Doubt and suspicion can overshadow high value divorce proceedings. When property and assets valued in the millions have the potential to be split “unevenly” between spouses, there is an underlying fear that decisions will be made that may damage or punish one spouse.

The truth is, wealthy couples and their families have much to gain by keeping things civil and discreet.

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At Kramer Law, you will find a team of experienced Florida attorneys who understand the complexities of divorce and property division in which considerable wealth and complex marital estates are involved.

This article is an introduction for affluent individuals, and focuses on the special aspects that often accompany high asset divorce cases. Although not legal advice, we hope this article makes a good case for the virtues of planning.

With care and foresight, you may be able to create “best solutions” to what might otherwise be a lengthy, stressful and hugely expensive war over money, children and property.

Start now by planning ahead with an experienced Orlando family law firm.

Before filing for divorce, make sure you have a plan.

As attorneys representing high asset divorce cases, we urge you not to “file and then figure things out as you go.” Instead, we suggest creating an intelligent plan of action designed to

  • keep the divorce as civil as possible and out of the public eye,
  • mitigate real damage to your family’s underlying financial structure, and
  • protect the best interests of the children, should your spouse become uncooperative and alienating.

It is our experience that a high net worth divorce does not have to be high conflict. One party or the other does not have to be the “victim.” When handled properly, the opposite can be true.

In fact, by keeping the divorce out of the courtroom, savvy married couples with millions of dollars in assets have an advantage that other divorcing couples do not. By keeping your high asset divorce private and cooperative, you are able to lay the strongest foundation for each spouse’s and child’s financial security moving forward.

You Will Be Able to Create the Most Practical Solutions

Keeping a high asset divorce out of the court system ensures that both parties actively take part in shaping the structure of their divorce agreement. This is critical, because what you really need is the freedom to create the customized and innovative legal solutions that can truly work for your family—something a judge is not able to offer.

True, you may not get everything you want. But any compromises you and your ex-spouse have reached were made through combined, purposeful efforts and agreements. These will be the practical solutions that make sense in your lives. They will not be decrees forced upon you by a court.

Keeping a High Value Divorce Private Makes Sense Financially

In most any divorce, when both parties are able to work together and reach resolution early, a quick and inexpensive settlement can be reached.

Still, a wealthy couples’ divorce is generally more costly than that of their less affluent counterparts.

The more property there is to assess, and the more complex the distribution of assets is, the greater the time and cost. Homes, properties, bank accounts, pension plans, investments, commercial real estate, business assets, yachts, jets, cars, jewelry, art and many other forms of property, capital, appreciation and wealth – all must be appraised and equitably distributed.

When one spouse will not budge on an issue, or insists on using formal court procedures, divorce costs go up. It is easy to see that it can be even more important for the wealthy couple to work together and find ways to agree on both major and minor issues. Those who do often move forward quickly and with the most practical value.

Just as important, you need a legal team who will not create turmoil only to raise attorney fees and court costs. Orlando divorce attorneys at Kramer Law are here to help you with a strategic plan designed to judiciously resolve your case. We work hard to avoid trial whenever possible, granted your goals and best interests are served.

Finding the right divorce lawyer for high net worth divorce cases.

Resolving to keep divorce proceedings out of court means both spouses must be able to get along and collaborate most of the time, often under stressful situations. Step back and consider the benefits of working together versus letting the court decide your fate.

A good lawyer is going to help you have an honest dialogue about finances, children and other needs in order to reach a mutually gratifying settlement agreement. An experienced lawyer works to keep the proceedings on civil and reasonable grounds, helping you problem solve those issues that tend to create an adversarial environment.

For many, divorce mediation is an effective way to avoid the costly process of a contested divorce involving litigation. The attorneys at Kramer Law are skilled negotiators who use out-of-court discussion and discretion to resolve disputes through mediation – staying out of the courtroom.

We help affluent couples find common ground and fair terms, working through all of their legal issues including

This is far more advantageous than risking your future to the rulings of a judge that knows nothing about you and your family’s hopes and desires. Plus, most high net worth individuals are accustomed to being in control and making decisions when it comes to their finances and personal matters.

High Net Worth Divorce and Child Support

Are children involved? Your kids have the right to the same financial environment they enjoyed before your divorce.

Under Florida law, child support is calculated based on each spouse’s income. Other factors include the number of children of the marriage, financial needs of the children and the time share agreement.

However, Florida child support statutes are fairly general when it comes to specifically addressing high net worth parents. Creative problem solvers, our attorneys employ the statutes to arrive at productive solutions that protect your children’s best interests, while serving to include and protect the whole of your financial situation.

We understand how to project the impact of cash flow in a complex and high asset divorce, when suddenly there are two separate households to maintain. Our attorneys focus not on seeking excessive child support, but rather establishing correct child support – working out the proper standard of living that the child should have, with respect to the impact on the parent’s financial obligations.

Money spent on a long-winded court battle will never be available for your children’s future (or your own retirement.) Our experienced lawyers will help you resolve each child-related issue in the best possible manner, while keeping costs and emotions from spiraling out of control.

If Your High Net Worth Divorce Ends Up In Litigation

Sometimes, litigation is unavoidable. Mediation is not for every couple. Our attorneys recognize when a divorce case is too adversarial to undergo mediation or other form of dispute resolution. Some cases truly need to be heard by a judge.

Whatever your tax bracket, divorce should not be “all or nothing.” Potential divorce litigation should be carefully considered.

Litigate wisely. In fact, many of our firm’s litigated divorce cases do not make it to court. We are able to settle the majority of divorce lawsuits in settlement agreements outside of the courtroom.

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