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Failing to prepare a Florida Last Will and Testament is one of the most expensive mistakes an individual may make in their lifetime.

  1. A will informs the world of how you would like your assets passed on after your death.
  2. A will often addresses other important issues including the care of your minor children, financial considerations, and funeral arrangements.
  3. Without a valid will, your assets transfer according to the wishes and whims of the Florida Legislature.

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At Kramer Law in Altamonte Springs, Florida, we understand the importance of providing clear instructions on how to distribute assets that you have worked hard to accumulate over a lifetime.

Kramer Law can handle all of your estate planning matters--from drafting wills and trusts to probate administration. We will make sure that you control how your estate is distributed.

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The Importance of Valid Wills in Florida

A Will tells the world how you want your property to be distributed when you pass on. You may use a will to pass on your property to family, friends, distant relatives, charities, or almost anyone you choose. A Will can also give other directions, such as naming a guardian for your children or specifying a personal representative for your estate.

A personal representative is called an executer in many other States. Your personal representative is the person who ensures that your directions are followed, therefore, it is important that the person you name as personal representative understands that the role involves responsibility and time and that they are willing to take on the job. The same holds true to an even greater degree with respect to the person that you will name as guardian for your children.

You should also be very cautious about attempting to prepare a Will on your own.

A Will must be prepared and executed a very particular way. If you fail to execute a will properly, the Will may fail completely, or the error may significantly increase the costs of administrating your estate.

Many companies on the internet, selling software, or selling documents at box stores are offering generic "one size fits all" documents that will fail under Florida law.

These documents are usually not prepared by a Florida attorney and are poorly drafted. A will is a relatively inexpensive document—make sure to get your will drafted correctly.

Because law and circumstances change, you should review and update your will with your attorney every few years, or anytime that a major life event occurs like a birth, death, marriage or divorce. A Will can be replaced by a new Will or may be amended by what is known as a Codicil.

Wills and Codicils must be drafted and witnessed in specific ways to be valid; Kramer Law can help you in keeping an up to date estate plan and can advise you on the relevant laws and rules relating to your estate plan.

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