Do You Need a Lawyer to Plan Your Will?

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I’m Steve Kramer. I’m a Florida estate planning and probate attorney. And the question today is, “Do I need a lawyer to prepare my will, or can I prepare and draft my will on my own?” Now, this is a question that I deal with a whole lot more than I used to. As people have become more accustomed to the internet and going online, and as more of these sites that offer legal services online have popped up, there’s a lot of people who are going online to save money and to basically craft a will inexpensively and easily. And what a lot of these people don’t realize is, you know, they might save a little bit of money by going online and downloading some will, but the costs down the line are huge. The problem is a lot of these sites, they don’t take Florida law into consideration, or they apply the law wrong, or they just don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re scams, or any multitude of reasons why it’s a bad idea. You know, I represented a family years ago, and their mother had done one of these. She downloaded one of these wills, she executed it. And they came to me and it wound up being a huge probate battle because there were two wills out there that said very different things and ultimately the will she drafted online had real problems with it. It wasn’t executed the right way, it wasn’t drafted the right way and it cost this family thousands of dollars they should have never had to pay. Now you can get a will done by an attorney very inexpensively. So inexpensively that it really doesn’t make sense to go online and download a will. And another thing is if you sit down with a Florida attorney and go through your will and do it the right way, well you don’t have to worry about it being done the wrong way. It’s going to save you money. It’s going to make your life easier. And your family is already going to be dealing with grief. You don’t want them dealing with the legal headache of whether a will was done properly. You don’t want them paying thousands of dollars for a mistake that you know could have been avoided with, you know, this much money. So if you have questions about this or probate or anything else, call me. You know, that’s why we’re one firm for life. We’re ready to help you with any legal issue you deal with in your life. And you know, and frankly after life, in death, through probate and these questions about estate planning. Pick up the phone. Thanks for watching. I’m Steve Kramer.

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