What is a Will?

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I’m Steve Kramer. I’m a Florida estate planning and probate attorney. And today we’re going to talk about wills. What is a will? A will, simply put, is a set of instructions for how your assets get passed on once you die. Do you want your assets to go to your two kids equally? Do you want your assets to go one kid and cut out the other four kids? Do you want to leave your assets to charity? Another thing a will might provide for is how are you to be handled once you’re demised. Right? Do you want to be cremated? Buried? Have you made funeral arrangements? There’s lot of different things you can provide for in a will but you’ve got to make a will in order to make those provisions. Right? And a will is a very inexpensive tool. It’s designed to save money. It’s designed to make things easier for your family when you pass away. And if you don’t have a will, well, you know who decides how your assets get passed on? The state of Florida, the government. So if you don’t like that, if you have some idea on how you want your assets to get passed on once you’re gone – once you leave this earth – it’s important to sit down with an estate planning attorney and come up with a plan. If you have a question about wills or probates or anything else, call me anytime. That’s what I do. I’m ready to answer any questions you’ve got. That’s why we’re one firm for life, we’re here to help you through anything you have to deal with including wills, estate planning, probate – pretty much anything else. Pick up the phone. Thanks for watching, I’m Steve Kramer.

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