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Whether you are struggling to save your Orlando home or you are just overwhelmed by business or credit card debt, a Florida Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm can help you evaluate options and come up with a good plan of action.

Living with debt is no fun. Creditor calls can be stressful and scary. The imminent loss of your car or home can create anxiety that damages your intimate relationships or your health. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop car repossession, foreclosure, and other problems.

Our full service law firm can help you explore all options, including negotiating debts without the need to file bankruptcy; invalidating or eliminating certain debts; stripping or eliminating second mortgages or other liens on property; and reducing the principal of your mortgage through negotiation or litigation.

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Florida Chapter 13 Attorneys to Relieve Your Financial Distress

The Kramer Law Firm has helped thousands of families in Central Florida deal with problems similar to ones that you may be facing. When you meet with our legal team, we will examine your whole financial picture, so you can meet your goals and needs. Our attorneys have practical experience with Florida business law, real estate law, asset protection law, bankruptcy law and foreclosure defense.

A Strategy to Reorganize and Pay Down Debts

Chapter 13 is also known as a “wage-earner’s bankruptcy” in Florida. Chapter 13 allows individuals who earn a steady income (but who nevertheless have incurred a debt) to reorganize debts without having to surrender precious assets. Typically, the repayment plan will last from 3 to 5 years; and requires biweekly or monthly payments.

Chapter 13 is often the only other bankruptcy option for those individuals who do not meet the Chapter 7 Means Test because they earn too much money. Filing Chapter 13 may also be beneficial for stopping home foreclosure, wage garnishments or to gain control over catastrophic credit card or student loan debt.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may also provide the opportunity to catch up on missed mortgage payments over time or to restructure debt.

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Mortgage Stripping and Cram-Down: Two Additional Florida Chapter 13 Benefits

If you have a second or third mortgage on your home, or if you have other liens, including a home equity line of credit on your home, filing a Chapter 13 may allow you to “strip,” or eliminate, these mortgages or liens from your property. This act can boost your equity and reduce your monthly payment amounts.

Alternatively, you may be able to use a judicial process known as “cram-down,” which eliminates part of a secured debt. A secured debt is a debt or credit line that is secured by an asset, for instance a car loan or a mortgage on a home. An unsecured debt is a debt that is not secured by any asset, for instance a credit card or signature loan. If you owe more on a secured debt than the asset securing the debt is worth, you may be able to reduce, or “cram down,” the debt down to the value of the asset.

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