Three Ways to Protect Your Brand Name – Orlando IP Lawyer

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Three Ways to Protect Your Brand Name – Orlando IP Lawyer

Your business’s brand name is likely one of your most valuable assets, and for good reason. Your time, reputation and finances are often put on the line for success. Contact TK Law today for personalized guidance on protecting your brand name and building a foundation for business growth.

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1. Protect your Brand Name by Registering Your Trademark

Register your trademark – which is your descriptive symbol, sign, design or expression. This is your first line of proper protection for your brand name. Extensive research and documentation is often necessary to register a federal trademark or Florida trademark right the first time.

It is also important to note that registering a trademark is different from registering a trade name.

At TK Law, we help you register your trademark and also work with you to complete non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. Our intellectual property attorneys, all of whom have years of experience in business law, are on hand to assist you with all legal aspects of establishing, growing and protecting your business.

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2. Commerce Offers Limited Brand Name Protections

A trademark is not the only means by which you can protect your brand name or logo. In fact, you gain some protection by simply doing business under your name. Names like KODAK® or the golden arches for McDonald’s® gain notoriety over time and are automatically connected to those products. This falls under the purview of common law trademark rights, and may allow a business owner to successfully challenge a registration or application.

However, commerce is not absolute business protection by any means. Among other limitations, these rights are generally limited to the geographic region in which the name was used. Without proper research, there is a chance a similar business venture, symbol, design or sign exists that is already registered elsewhere.

3. Lanham Act

Multiple cases in Florida are challenges that involve the Lanham (Trademark) Act. According to the law, a federally registered mark is protected against the use of similar marks that may result in confusion or dilution of the famous mark. A business owner also gains some protection against false or deceptive advertising in commerce, such as if a competitor claims ownership of your idea or aims to demean your products with deceptive claims.

A Florida trademark lawyer at TK Law is often able to couple whatever protection is available in the broad Lanham Act with the state Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act to achieve proper use.

To Protect Your Brand Name, Consult our IP Lawyers in Orlando

Brand names are consistently introduced into the market. Doing what you can to protect your business and any connected names is understandably an extensive task. Our attorneys provide experienced representation and a comprehensive strategy customized for your business goals. We are intellectual property trial lawyers who represent our clients in IP litigation and enforcement actions to recover substantial damages.

At TK Law, safeguarding your brand name and services is important to us. We have experience working with large corporations, small companies, and aspiring business owners. Each time, we seek to develop long term relationships with our clients for all of their business needs, as well as handling their individual and family legal matters.

Our commitment is to serve our clients as people and not just cases. Our clients consider us their trusted legal advisor and do not hesitate to call on us with any number of personal or commercial legal issues. Contact us today.

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