Preserving Evidence in a Truck Accident

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Contact an Orlando injury attorney at TK Law as soon as possible to preserve evidence in a truck accident. The accuracy of complex details in big rig trucking accidents are the difference between settlements and maximum compensation for the injuries you or your family suffer.

As our video points out, so many factors contribute to truck accidents, from truck driver error to equipment malfunctions. While the black box in the vehicle is essential to tracking down some causes, it is important you retain an attorney to act quickly in obtaining and preserving the medical records and other existing evidence pertaining to the driver.

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Examine the Facts of Big Rig Accidents

A major matter to consider in 18-wheeler accidents is that more than one party is often liable for the wreck. In addition to the trucking company’s potential error in maintaining the truck or failing to train its drivers properly, the truck driver may also be liable due to prior injuries that may affect his or her driving or for driver error, such as speeding or driving distracted. A driver may also be impaired at the time the wreck occurs.

An effective attorney will carefully assess statements and issue subpoenas for the driver’s driving history, the company’s safety record and its driver logs to determine all who may be at fault. The quicker TK Law gets ahold of the case, the faster we begin retrieving and preserving the necessary evidence in a truck accident to prove your case.

Orlando Attorneys for Life

The effects of a truck accident are often long-term and weigh heavily on everyone affected. The case often requires an attorney who can strongly prove the case, in addition to providing you with the resources needed to manage maximum compensation, extended health care needs and counseling.

At TK Law, our diverse law firm is here for families for a lifetime, and not just one incident. At our firm you should never feel like a number or like another cog in the machine. We are here to help you tackle any legal issues you may face.

Let an experienced attorney at our firm represent you in your trucking accident case. Contact TK Law today.

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