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Florida law enforcement takes any cocaine possession charge as a serious matter. If you are charged with possessing powder or crack cocaine in Central Florida, do not assume that you have no options. You have a right to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side at all times.

You need an attorney with extensive working knowledge of both federal and Florida drug possession laws; an attorney who is respected by the local court systems, and is driven to fight tirelessly on your behalf. You are facing serious, long-term consequences and the Kramer Law Firm is able to provide unparalleled legal help.

The defense attorneys at the Kramer Law Firm have helped individuals in Orlando, Tampa and across Central Florida avoid prison and other severe consequences related to drug offenses including cocaine possession. We are here to serve as your defenders and to support you and your family throughout your case.

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Our legal team will do everything within the law to achieve the most positive outcome possible to your drug possession case.

Penalties in Florida Cocaine Possession Charges

Whether your teenager was arrested for possession of cocaine at a fraternity party; or police busted you at a checkpoint, you face a felony count. If convicted – even for just possession alone – you could be forced to spend more than a year behind bars.

Conviction of crack or cocaine possession in Florida is a third degree felony, with maximum penalties of:

  • Five years in prison;
  • Florida driver’s license suspension (two years);
  • Strict probation terms;
  • Up to $5,000 in fines

Cocaine possession convictions can harm a person’s professional, financial, and personal future, Secondary effects, such as loss of a professional license, job trouble, and problems with interpersonal relationships and reduced self-esteem. A felony conviction, in and of itself, can strip you of your right to vote and other civil rights, and make it harder for you to get loans and find gainful employment.

Many life-altering cocaine convictions have happened to people simply because they did not have resourceful and determined legal counsel fighting on their behalf. As your cocaine defense attorneys, our goal is to build an effective defense on your behalf in order to protect your future.

What Our Orlando Florida Cocaine Defense Attorneys Can Do

There are various layers to a drug defense case that many lawyers are not aware of or do not take the time or effort to pursue. A strong defense begins the moment you retain the Kramer Law Firm:

Thorough investigation. Our attorneys will investigate several factors immediately. If needed, we can retain the services of private investigators to examine police tactics and how evidence was obtained. If the police collected evidence in a way that was illegal or unconstitutional, we can refute that evidence and potentially get your charges dismissed. We will seek out witness testimony to contradict law enforcement’s version of the search and seizure.

Drug Court. Florida maintains a unique Drug Court program that serves as an alternative to jail. If evidence of cocaine possession is very strong against you, Drug Court might be an invaluable option. Once you complete the process, the court will dismiss your charges and leave you with a clean record. Even if you relapse during the program, you won’t necessarily be kicked out.

Battling unfair tactics. We can also help if the government gets overly and unfairly aggressive with you. We are trial attorneys who are fully prepared to go to trial to get you just results.

Pretrial Diversion. If you're a first time offender, and you meet other strict requirements, you may be eligible to enter a Pretrial Diversion program for cocaine possession. This includes 10 to 24 hours of community service as well as drug testing at random intervals. Complete this program and you will get the charges totally dismissed.

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If you have been arrested for possession of cocaine or other drugs in Florida, our experienced criminal defense lawyers can make the difference in your immediate case and your future.

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