Florida DUI Lawyer – Legal Help for First Time DUI Offense

If you face DUI charges in Florida and it is your first offense, speak with an experienced Florida DUI lawyer at TK Law as soon as possible. You certainly did not want this to happen, and we will do all we can to prevent a serious mistake from ruining your life. You have rights, and we are here to protect them.

A conviction of a first offense DUI is a misdemeanor conviction in Florida. The reality is, DUI and DWI charges can be overwhelming, and with good cause. The penalties for even a first time DUI are quite harsh, and a conviction becomes a permanent mark on your criminal record.

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How an Experienced Florida DUI Lawyer Can Defend You

You may feel powerless and think there is nothing you can do. If this is your first arrest for a DUI, understand this: there are powerful defenses and effective plea bargains that a DUI defense attorney at TK Law can aggressively pursue on your behalf.

With every case, we set out with the goal of having your case dismissed or reduced. When you hire our firm, we immediately take action to protect you. An accomplished Florida DUI lawyer will thoroughly examine the evidence surrounding your case for weaknesses in the test results, faulty police or other law enforcement procedure, and any violations of your constitutional rights.

We can help you fight for favorable options, including dismissal of your case, reduced charges, minimized sentencing and other outcomes. TK Law Firm is prepared to handle the most complicated aspects of Florida DUI and DWI charges and litigation.

The careful handling of first time DUI charges will have a critical impact on your life and your family, and the responsible hiring of a skilled Florida DUI lawyer may be one the most important decision you can make.

Florida DUI Penalties for a First Offense Conviction


  • If your blood alcohol level was 0.08 or higher: Fine of not less than $500, up to $1000.
  • If your blood alcohol level was greater than 0.15, or if you were driving with a minor in the car, the minimum fine is increased to $1000 with a maximum penalty of $2000.

Jail Time:

  • If your blood alcohol level was 0.08: Imprisonment from at least 8 hours up to 6 months.
  • If your blood alcohol level was greater than 0.15, or if you were driving under the influence with a minor in the car, maximum jail time is increased to up to nine months.

Additional Penalties:

  • Mandatory 50 hours of community service; in certain cases, the court may order payment of an additional fine of $10 per hour of community service.
  • Probation up to one year.
  • Vehicle will be impounded for 10 days.
  • Driver’s license revoked for not less than six months up to one year.

Also, any DUI charge involving serious personal injury or death may be charged as a felony DUI.

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You Need a Florida DUI Lawyer Who Will Go to Bat for You

First time DUI offenders need a Florida DUI lawyer who will step in to help them participate in Florida’s DUI Diversion program. Successful completion of the program will get your case dismissed and ultimately expunge the case from your criminal record forever.

Admission to the DUI Diversion Program is based on the facts of your case and it is at the discretion of the state to admit or deny acceptance of a DUI offender into the program. TK Law Firm is a staunch believer in this valuable program; our attorneys have significant experience with it, and we will work hard to help you gain admission and help guide you through the steps during the program.

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