Florida DUI License Suspension

There are steep penalties in Florida for driving intoxicated with a suspended license. Take action beforehand: contact Orlando DUI attorneys at Kramer Law today for aggressive defense against a Florida DUI license suspension or if you need a driver’s license reinstatement lawyer.

A license suspension after a DUI arrest is “part of the process” if you do not know state law. The longer you wait to hire an attorney, the more detrimental the consequences may be.

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Driving is a privilege in Florida. Many times, it is also the only means a person has to get back and forth to work, hospital visits, and other necessary places. Time is literally of the essence to avoid longer-term suspensions or a revocation after a DUI arrest.

A DUI citation serves as your license to drive in the first 10 days after your arrest only if your license is valid at the time of arrest. Without requesting a formal administrative hearing, the license remains suspended for between six months and one year.

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Florida DUI License Suspension Hearing

A DUI criminal proceeding is separated in at least two portions. The first involves an administrative hearing (civil case) to determine license suspension. The second involves the actual criminal proceeding to determine legal sentencing.

Administrative Hearing

An administrative hearing with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) can determine if an officer has probable cause to arrest for DUI. An assertive attorney will also know whether to recommend you formally forfeit your right to the review hearing in exchange for an immediate Business Purpose Only (BPO) license.

Kramer Law attorneys ask the hard-hitting questions at the hearing to get to the bottom of whether the officer rightfully arrested our client. We use the same critical approach in the DUI criminal process.

Criminal Proceeding

Separate from the suspension hearing is the actual legal process to determine whether our client is guilty.

Implied Consent Law Impacts License Suspension

Florida has what is called the Implied Consent Law, which says that every driver with a valid Florida license has technically already consented to chemical testing if he or she is stopped and charged with DUI. There is a different suspension consequence for each Florida DUI test refusal:

  • First test refusal: immediate license seizure and suspension for 12 months
  • Second refusal: automatic 18-month suspension (or permanent revocation of a commercial driver’s license)
  • Third or subsequent refusal: 12-month suspension if refusing the breath test for the first time or 18-month suspension if refused breath test before

Contact Kramer Law as soon as legally possible after a DUI test refusal or to learn the legal benefits and disadvantages to refusing a chemical test.

Temporary Permit and Hardship License

If a driver forfeits his or her right to a formal hearing, he or she may apply for a “hardship license.” The license is issued so the driver can still drive under certain circumstances, typically upon verification and completion of a “Florida DUI school.” There are two types of hardship licenses in Florida:

  • Business Purpose Only (BPO) – license for four or five weeks that restricts driving to only that which involves work, education, church or medical purposes.
  • Employment Purpose Only (EPO) – license to drive only to, during and from work

If a driver loses the administrative hearing, the driver must wait between one and three months before applying for a temporary permit or hardship license. However, there are some circumstances that disqualify a driver for a hardship license. Kramer Law attorneys analyze all information for any gaps in order to keep you driving.

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Can I Get My License Reinstated?

Remember, a driver may face anywhere from up to $500 in fines and six months in jail to $5,000 in fines and five years in jail if caught driving with a suspended license. Doing so is not wise.

The time and process to get a license back after a Florida DUI license suspension is based on the number of prior DUI-related offenses. Call Kramer Law at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376) for guidance on reinstating a license.

Generally, reinstatement requires payment of administrative, reinstatement and license fees, proof of enrollment or completion of DUI school within 90 days and proof of adequate vehicle bodily injury insurance. Note: After the first DUI, a driver may apply for reinstatement before the end of the revocation period.

A Florida driver’s license is permanently revoked after a DUI manslaughter conviction.

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