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Contact a caring, experienced DUI attorney at Kramer Law today if you or a family member is underage and charged with DUI. Florida’s stiff penalties for DUI convictions limit future educational and employment goals if an underage DUI arrest is taken lightly.

An underage driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) need only be .02 if he or she is 18 or younger, which is different from the .08 for a driver over the age of 21.

Your future is literally as risk when charged with DUI while under the age of 21. If the alleged illegal drinker is under 18, he or should can lose the driver’s license.

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If you are under 21 and face alcohol-related charges, we are proud to offer a free consultation to discuss your case and your options. As well as DUI counsel, Kramer Law lawyers are highly experienced juvenile law attorneys, devoted to protecting you or your minor child’s civil rights and future.

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Penalties for Underage DUI

The effects of a DUI arrest and/or conviction in Florida are stiff enough when a person is of legal age, but they may appear more crippling for drivers under age 21. In an effort to curb illegal drinking, anyone who possesses, consumes or offers alcohol to anyone under 21 for the first time is subject to up to 60 days in jail and up to $500 in fine.

Penalties vary depending on the BAC. Sentencing if convicted of under 21 DUI can include the following:

  • If under 18, six months’ suspension if BAC is .02 or above for a first offense, plus mandatory evaluation at addictions facility or completion of alcohol education program;
  • If under 21, six months’ suspension if BAC is .02 or above for a first offense, and one-year suspension if there is a prior DUI conviction;
    • License is suspended for one year if a driver under 21 refuses to submit to a chemical BAC test the first time, and for 18 months if a driver refuses a second or subsequent time;
  • If under 21, the same suspension guidelines as BAC of .02 if BAC is .08 or above for a first offense, and one-year suspension if prior DUI conviction, as well as:
    • Minimum $500 fine
    • Vehicle impoundment
    • Up to six month’s jail time and 50 hours community service

Criminal Record

An underage driver faces a criminal history if charged and convicted of DUI. At Kramer Law, we carefully review the case in hopes to have all charges dismissed or at the very least to appear on a juvenile record. If complete dismissal is not possible, we work extremely hard to have juvenile records expunged to remove any charges from a criminal record.

Having a lawyer fight for a record to be expunged is necessary when considering the right to attend college, to enter the military or to carry a firearm.

You do not have to be intimidated by the legal system. However, you do need hardcore, experienced DUI lawyers in your corner. Contact Kramer Law as soon as legally possible after a DUI arrest to discuss any question you may have concerning underage DUI.

Parent Liability

A Florida juvenile court may order a parent to pay restitution up to $2,500 for damages for which the parent’s child is responsible. A victim may also hold a parent financially liable for damages in civil court.

Family Attorneys for Life

An underage drinking charge is an occurrence that unfortunately happens more than we like. At Kramer Law, we believe in representing our clients for this and all legal matters arising in life.

Contact us if you or your family is enduring issues surrounding underage drinking. Also, watch our Video Channel for more information.

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