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The Orlando DUI attorneys at TK Law provide legal help and a strong defense for people arrested and charged for driving under the influence. Penalties for Florida DUI offenses are severe, and become more punishing as the number of occurrences increase.

There are many defenses we can raise to challenge the charges and oppose a solid conviction. Law enforcement is required to follow specific steps in order to protect your rights during a DUI arrest and investigation. Any breach of these procedures by police or other officials may cause their prosecution to fail.

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How Our Orlando DUI Attorneys Can Defend You

In every DUI case, the circumstances of the arrest are unique, and you need a lawyer you can trust to do everything legally possible in order to protect you. Our Orlando DUI attorneys will investigate the procedure followed during the actual arrest. Each step is important and may ultimately affect the case and aid in your defense. State’s evidence against you can also be effectively challenged by an experienced lawyer who knows what to look for, such as:

  • Did law enforcement have reasonable cause to stop you (did you run a stoplight, were you weaving across lanes, were you speeding, etc.)?
  • Were you ordered out of your vehicle with valid reason?
  • Was the field sobriety test properly administered?
  • Was breath testing equipment properly serviced and calibrated? Were the results accurate? Our Orlando DUI attorneys will look into the maintenance record to investigate.
  • Were you sick or injured or suffering other adverse conditions unrelated to alcohol or drugs while performing the field sobriety testing?
  • Did the arresting officer advise you of Florida’s “implied consent” law before taking any roadside tests?
  • Does the arresting officer’s disciplinary record contain past offenses?
  • Did prescribed medications, or even lack of sleep – rather than alcohol – cause impaired judgment while driving, and you unwittingly got behind the wheel?
  • Are there individuals who could vouch for your activities prior to your arrest? Were there witnesses to the arrest? Our Orlando DUI attorneys may also challenge the prosecution’s expert witnesses.
  • Was there a dashboard video taken of your driving, or at the police station?
  • Were you the victim of an anonymous report of drunken driving?
  • Did weather or other conditions of nature contribute to unpredictable driving?
  • Did your vehicle fail to brake properly, or pull to the side due to a mechanical problem?

What if the evidence against you is such that the State can easily prove their case?

Our Orlando DUI attorneys will negotiate with the prosecution in what is called a plea bargain. This is a highly effective tool, and an experienced DUI lawyer is critical in these negotiations. A plea bargain is the plan you agree to enter in exchange for charges being dismissed. Plea bargaining can also include sentence bargaining.

Plea bargaining may be called for by the prosecution when they have a weak case, or plea bargaining may be the best action when a case is unquestionably in the State’s favor. In all cases, our Orlando DUI attorneys work to obtain the minimum allowable penalty by law.

If your case is not settled or dismissed, then your case will likely be going to jury trial. TK Law Firm is a skilled trial practice, and our attorneys are prepared to handle the most complicated aspects of Florida DUI and DWI charges and litigation.

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The key assets in defending a DUI case are often a combination of the procedural issues involved, as well as the evidence. And whether this is your first DUI offense or your fourth, the importance of experienced and dedicated Orlando DUI attorneys protecting your rights cannot be overstated.

If you are facing Florida DUI charges, it is vital that you act quickly. You have only 10 days after your arrest to request a DMV hearing to avoid automatic suspension of your driver’s license. And the sooner we learn the facts of your case, the sooner we can begin to defend you. Contact TK Law for the results you deserve.

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