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Kramer Law can help protect you against criminal charges in a DUI accident. Our defense attorneys know firsthand how detailed and emotional these cases can be and how critical it is for Orlando motorists to have an experienced DUI lawyer on their side.

DUI-related accidents can involve various types of collisions and wrecks, including collisions with other cars, bicyclists, or pedestrians, or colliding with an object such as a building, fence, or telephone pole.

The difference between a typical car accident and one that involves DUI is that the accident is technically caused during the commission of a crime.

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A driver is charged with driving under the influence in Florida if his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above the legal limit of .08. The BAC only has to be .02 or higher for a person under 21 to be charged with DUI, and .04 or higher if the person is a commercial vehicle driver.

If you or someone in your family has been charged in a DUI accident, a DUI attorney at Kramer Law can investigate the evidence and work toward the best resolution in your case. We can help you defeat or lessen your DUI charges by:

  • Challenging the traffic stop
  • Challenging evidence like BAC test results and field sobriety test results
  • Challenging the assumption you were at fault for the accident
  • Negotiating reduced charges and sentencing

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Criminal Penalties for DUI Accidents

A driver may face imprisonment, fines, and loss of their driver’s license if he or she is found at fault in a DUI accident, particularly if Multiple DUI charges, death, injury, or property damage are involved:

  • Under Florida law, a driver convicted of DUI with injury faces a third degree felony charge that can result in a maximum five year prison sentence and up to a $5,000 fine;
  • A driver convicted of DUI manslaughter could face a first- or second-degree felony charge, with a possible prison sentence ranging from four to thirty years, a $10,000 fine, plus the permanent revocation of his or her driver’s license.

Please refer to our complete Summary of Florida DUI Penalties.

More than Just a DUI Charge

A prosecutor has the option to pursue more than just a DUI charge when an accident is involved. These criminal charges may include, but are not limited to: automobile negligence, wrongful death, reckless endangerment, or refusal to take a chemical test.

DUI accidents can be extremely costly. If damages or injuries are involved, a judge may order the driver to pay restitution to compensate for the damages in addition to any other fines.

No matter how incriminating the evidence might appear in a DUI accident case, the State still must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the DUI driver is actually the person who caused the accident.

A Kramer Law attorney will review all of the evidence including test results, officer procedures, accident reconstruction, police reports, and witness statements and take appropriate actions to reduce or dismiss your charges. And, if necessary, your Kramer Law attorney will fight the charges at trial. Contact Kramer Law at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

Civil Consequences in DUI Accident Cases

In addition to criminal penalties, a DUI driver could face serious civil consequences:

  • Monetary JudgmentInjured victims or family members of deceased victims may file a civil lawsuit to collect settlements for damages including lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, or property damage.A conviction of “guilty” in a DUI accident case can be used as evidence in a civil lawsuit. Kramer Law attorneys are fully aware of the consequences that a guilty verdict has on a DUI defendant facing possible civil liability.
  • Loss of Insurance CoverageAn automobile insurance claim relating to an accident involving DUI could result in the DUI driver losing auto insurance coverage or paying much higher premiums for that coverage. In Florida, drivers convicted of DUI must file what is known as an FR44 to the State of Florida in order to guarantee that the driver carries higher bodily injury limits than average.

What to Do after a DUI Accident

There are specific steps a driver should take after he or she is involved in an accident. These steps are especially important if DUI is suspected and any driver is conscious enough to know what is happening.

  • Call 911 to report that you have been involved in an accident. Inform the dispatcher if there appear to be any injuries at the scene.
  • Offer assistance to anyone who might appear to need immediate help. Florida drivers have a duty to offer reasonable assistance to anyone who appears injured on the scene of an accident. If DUI is suspected, a driver could face additional penalties if he or she did not render aid.
  • DO NOT leave the scene of the accident. Wait on law enforcement to arrive.
  • When a Florida officer arrives, DO NOT admit guilt, blame anyone else, or make any statements regarding what you think might have happened. Be respectful and provide your identifying information, but tell the officer that your Kramer Law attorney will make any necessary statements to law enforcement.
  • Seek immediate medical attention for yourself. What could feel like a headache or a minor sprain right after an accident could be a serious or even life-threatening injury. Do not take any chances.
  • Collect any evidence, including taking pictures with a camera or cell phone. Be sure to write down the name and badge number of the officer as well as anyone else involved in the accident or investigation.
  • DO NOT take the legal advice of anyone on the scene or anyone that is not a lawyer.

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The Sooner You Appoint an Attorney, the Better Your Chances

Any DUI-related charge is a serious offense. Getting arrested at the scene of a DUI accident does not mean that you are assured a conviction in court. But you need an Orlando DUI attorney with the experience necessary to get you the best possible result. The outcome of a faulty defense could have lasting effects on you and your family.

The attorneys as Kramer Law bring the experience that is needed to effectively defend any DUI-related accident charge. We care deeply about protecting our clients’ rights and freedom and will do everything in our power to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

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