Should You Hire a DUI Defense Attorney?

It is not uncommon in our day of plentiful ‘Do-It-Yourself’ resources to question whether you need a DUI defense attorney when facing charges. However, Florida DUI law is designed in such a way that even a misdemeanor DUI offense carries hefty consequences.

  • Can you afford to risk your or your family’s livelihood by fighting a DUI charge by yourself?
  • Do you know the time limits on temporary requests to keep your driver’s license after a DUI arrest?
  • Are you willing to put your freedom on the line by not knowing the laws that may apply to your case?

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If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” ask an experienced DUI defense attorney at Kramer Law for vital legal guidance in your DUI case.

There is rarely, if ever, any leniency in pleading guilty to a DUI crime. If a case can be defended and dropped, or if a proper plea bargain or pretrial diversion program can be achieved, we may be able to help you avoid a criminal conviction. That alone is reason enough to have a Kramer Law attorney examine the evidence for you.

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DUI Consequences

The criminal consequences to a first DUI conviction include a minimum eight hours in jail, at least $500 in fines, and a temporary suspension on your driver’s license. The systematic structure of Florida’s strict DUI-related laws may make a first offense appear like a slap on the wrist. However, consecutive arrests or DUI charges involving the injury or death of other individuals hammers a person’s credibility and criminal record.

Residents face greater chances for proper DUI defense when an attorney with experience in current DUI cases and knowledge of past DUI rulings represents them. Kramer Law attorneys have for years worked before judges in Orlando and Central Florida courtrooms. Our reputation of aggressively and skillfully standing up for our clients is no secret.

Not all DUI Defense Is the Same

Lawyers are required to pass rigorous exams before they can legally practice within the state of Florida. When all you have worked for is on the line, you want a defense attorney who not only practices law by trade, but who has a documented passion for positive outcomes for his or her clients.

At Kramer Law, our firm is large enough to tackle some of the most high-profile cases that exist. We are also small enough to provide a compassionate, secure legal experience for each client we agree to defend.

Our attorneys know full well the ramifications of DUI and have accomplished a reduction in charges or total dismissal in multiple cases year after year. We fight extremely hard for our clients, taking cases where we believe we can help people get the best possible result. When necessary, we employ experts to assist us in reviewing details about the case and whether any error was made in the arrest.

Experienced DUI Defense Attorney with Your Best Interest

Kramer Law is sharp on our focus as one law firm representing our clients for life. We will represent you in several areas of the law with the same dedication and acuity as the first encounter.

Contact Kramer Law today for legal representation that has your best interest at heart. You may also view our DUI Video Channel for more information.

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