Can You Beat a DUI Charge in Central Florida?

Every DUI case is unique. Similar situations can happen, but the evidence – or lack thereof – is different every time. A DUI defense attorney at Kramer Law knows the law and the not-so-obvious evidence gaps that can lead to lesser charges or help you beat a DUI sentence altogether.

A DUI charge is not a conviction. This means that a lawyer has time to fight for you between the time you are arrested and the time a judge actually issues a sentence. Contact Kramer Law today for a free, no obligation consultation: 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

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Common Defenses Used to Fight a DUI

There are often legal ways to beat a DUI charge. Because the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty, a perceptive attorney must jump on every opportunity to question the quality of the evidence planned to be used against you. There are several defenses to a DUI claim.

Generally, the defense centers on the arresting officer’s background and conduct, the client’s mannerisms at the time of arrest (such as whether actions were conducive to something besides alcohol use), jurisdiction, legitimacy of field sobriety tests (as well as blood and breath tests), and witness statements.

Beating a DUI with Injuries

Again, the state must prove without a reasonable doubt that a person is guilty of DUI. As unfortunate as a DUI-related death or injury is for all persons involved, a methodical and understanding DUI attorney at Kramer Law will work hard for you. We will assess the evidence and subpoena any documents that might show the DUI arrest is not associated with the injury or death.

Sometimes the state has plenty of evidence to prove the case. It is critical to contact an attorney as soon as legally possible to analyze the details and discuss every possible outcome with the client. One option may be pleading to a lesser charge.

Attorneys with One Goal in Mind: You

Kramer Law attorneys use the law to its fullest extent to protect your freedom and your integrity. A DUI on a person’s criminal record can affect their job prospects, housing options, family experience and many other areas of their life. At Kramer Law, we know that an individual is not a bad person because he or she is dealing with a DUI charge. Our attorneys are here to help them through their legal problems wisely, responsibly and effectively.

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