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Contact the Orlando DUI attorneys at Kramer Law without delay if you are facing this criminal DUI offense. A DUI charge becomes “aggravated” when there is presence of aggravating factors leading to the arrest. An aggravated DUI charge can become a felony DUI, for example after a person is convicted of DUI with multiple prior DUI offenses or DUI causing serious bodily harm or death.

A felony conviction may lead to years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines if an astute and knowledgeable attorney is not defending you. The thought of yet another DUI arrest can leave a person hopeless, but the time to grieve is not when your freedom and employability is at stake. This is the time to seek legal help!

Call Kramer Law if you need a reliable attorney by your side. You can call us now at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376). We apply thorough focus to each individual DUI case. Our attorneys will work with unwavering commitment to establish or suppress evidence that can many times resolve DUI down to lesser charges or no charge at all.

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Typical Causes for Aggravated DUI Arrest

Legal causes for an aggravated misdemeanor DUI arrest include a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) reading nearly twice the legal Florida limit of .08. Other instances of aggravated misdemeanor DUI are:

  • when property damage occurred at the time of driving;
  • minor injury occurs at the time of the driving;
  • in a first DUI offense, a minor child is in the vehicle at the time of the arrest.

Aggravating conditions for an aggravated felony DUI arrest include

At Kramer Law, our attorneys have found that although there may be cause to stop a vehicle, there are often underlying issues that can have a judge throw out an entire DUI case. Examples are when a vehicle crosses the center line or when a person calls 911 to report a suspected impaired driver. Neither of these situations is cause to charge a person with aggravated/felony DUI.

Florida DUI Penalties

We urge clients to contact us as soon as possible when charged with a DUI because Florida law allows for some consequences to happen even before the first day of defense in court. For example, an attorney has just 10 days after a client’s arrest to formally fight against a license suspension.

There are also limitations relating to a temporary permit and a hardship license that may allow a client to conditionally drive.

If convicted of felony DUI, a person faces:

  • Fines ranging from $2000 up to $5000
  • Maximum 5 years imprisonment in state prison
  • Maximum 5 years’ probation
  • Lifetime driver’s license revocation
  • vehicle impounded for 90-days
  • Mandatory use of the ignition interlock device
  • Alcohol treatment program
  • Florida DUI school
  • Permanent criminal record with felony conviction
  • Financial reparations if DUI involves personal injury or property damage
  • Maximum 50 hours community service or payment of $10/hour per hour of service

Kramer Law attorneys urge you to not take lightly an aggravated misdemeanor or felony DUI offense. Call us today so we can protect you and defend your case: 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

Dedicated Orlando DUI Defense Lawyers

The Florida courts take DUI offenses seriously. At Kramer Law, we are just as determined in defending our clients. We hold law enforcement officials accountable to doing their job correctly, and we seek to raise any legal challenges, violations of legal rights, loophole in the case, and other options to protect our clients and ensure justice is achieved.

The attorneys at Kramer Law understand that your entire life and well-being is at risk with an aggravated DUI sentence. Contact a reliable attorney today. You may also view our DUI Video Channel for more information.

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