Juvenile Law and Juvenile Crime Defense in Orlando

When teenagers are in trouble with the law, you need an experienced juvenile law attorney to protect their rights and implement the best defense strategy possible. Whether police arrested your teenage son on drug charges in Orlando; or a deputy stopped your college-age daughter for DUI, your family is in crisis.

What happens immediately following an arrest can make the difference in dismissed or reduced charges and a conviction. An experienced juvenile law attorney should handle all communication with law enforcement, prosecutors and the court.

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Juvenile Law and Juvenile Crime Defense in OrlandoThe juvenile law attorneys at the TK Law Firm understand the dynamic, emotional nature of juvenile crimes.

Our attorneys will make sure that you and your child understand the consequences of violating Florida Law as well as the options you have available to meet the charges.

Florida Attorneys Experienced in Juvenile Law

Minors facing criminal charges have unique fears and specific needs. They require lawyers who are experienced with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) system.

The juvenile law attorneys at the TK Law Firm are ready to help. If your child has been arrested in Central Florida, please contact us to discuss your child’s case as soon as possible.

We have worked with hundreds of juveniles facing diverse charges, including criminal trespass, assault, battery, bad checks, burglary, drug possession, shoplifting, theft, DUI, driving with a suspended license, criminal mischief, and traffic violations.

Juvenile crime in Florida is treated very seriously. Your child’s criminal defense attorneys must provide the same level of determined, personalized and aggressive representation as in any adult criminal charge.

Our first priority is to defend the minor in the charges against him or her with the goal of getting the charges dismissed or reduced. Depending on the severity of the crime, juvenile cases may be assigned to the adult court system.

We believe that your child's future is everything. Contact a juvenile defense attorney at the TK Law Firm to defend your child properly in all juvenile charges.

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How our Orlando Juvenile Law Attorneys Can Help

Whether an ordinarily law-abiding juvenile made an out of character “one-time” mistake, or a young person with an already checkered history got in trouble "yet again," we will help your family understand the child’s rights, advise you on the proper course of action, and find resources to build towards a more positive future.

Florida’s Juvenile Justice System has a focus on rehabilitating and treating minors who have committed a crime. Our juvenile law attorneys assist youthful offenders in special programs designed for certain first time offenders. There are a variety of diversionary programs in Central Florida that your child might qualify for that may result in dismissal of the charges. We may in certain cases be able to seal or expunge their juvenile case.

Because we are a full service law firm, our criminal lawyers often collaborate with our family law attorneys. This full perspective in a case enables us to best protect the juvenile’s rights while serving of the family’s interests as well.

A Positive Outcome for the Juvenile Offender

Teenage crime is a serious matter and must not be mishandled. It is serious not only because the punishments can have life-changing consequences, but also because juvenile delinquency often foretells problems later in life.

By taking a compassionate, empathetic approach now – united with an astute understanding of Florida juvenile defense law – you and your family can emerge from this crisis stronger.

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Contact any of our three Central Florida Law Offices or call 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376) . Whether your child got caught shoplifting, driving under the influence in Orlando, or possessing marijuana with the intent to sell, we will strive to protect your child’s interests and leverage all options to meet the challenge.

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