Will I Need to go to Court or Hearings in My Criminal Case?

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Will I need to go to court or hearings in my criminal case? I’m Steve Kramer of the Kramer Law Firm. I’m a Florida criminal defense attorney. This is a question that many, many of my clients ask me when they first meet with me. Will I have to show up to hearings? And the answer is it depends on your case. The first hearing you’re going to deal with is what’s called an arraignment. An arraignment is where the charges against you are read and you either plead guilty or not guilty. Now, if you hire us as your attorney we’re going to file what’s called a “waiver of arraignment” and a written plea of not guilty. And what that does is that resolves the arraignment right there. You’ve already plead not guilty, you don’t have to show up for the arraignment –it’s waived. Now after the arraignment, there’s going to be a series of other hearings and they might be called “pre-trial conferences” or “docket reviews” or some other name. And you may or may not be required to show up for those hearings. But let me tell you something. A lot of time it’s to your advantage to show up at those hearings because good opportunities can arise. You may get an opportunity from the State Attorney that you don’t want to turn down. Or there may be another option that comes up that just may be worth looking at. Or maybe you want to be informed about your case. Now if you got a medical appointment, if you’ve got work, if you’ve got something that is a pre-existing engagement on your schedule then we can work with you. And sometimes we can file what’s called a waiver of your appearance, but we’ll look at that on a case by case basis. Why am I telling you this? Because this is information you need to know if you’re dealing with criminal charges. And I deal with this every single day. So call me at the number below, I’m glad to talk about your case with you. Also, if you’re watching this on Facebook or YouTube, go ahead and click the “Like” button below right now. That way your friends and family can benefit from the information I’m giving you. Thanks for watching. I’m Steve Kramer of the Kramer Law Firm. Appreciate it.

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