Facing Orlando Foreclosure? It Can Happen To Anyone

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The video above is a reminder that anyone can find themselves facing Orlando foreclosure. Some of you might have been surprised by the fact that the subject of the video was a millionaire facing the possibility of losing his house. Not only are times tough for a lot of people – even those who were previously riding high – but there are also a variety of reasons why someone might simply decide that it’s smarter for them to allow their property to go into foreclosure.

It made me think about other famous faces that have recently had to deal with the foreclosure process when the debt collector comes. Some high profile Florida foreclosure cases are described here so that you see it really can happen to anyone.

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Facing Orlando Foreclosure: The Rich and Famous Can Lose Their Property, Too

What’s interesting isn’t that the rich and famous are having their properties foreclosed upon, but that it’s happening at an even faster clip for them than for their middle class counterparts who are facing Orlando foreclosure. Here are just a few cases with people you may have heard of.

Terrell Owens. The well-known “personality” and former world class NFL receiver had an amazing five homes foreclosed on in 2012, one in Florida.

Chris Tucker. Being incredibly funny and the star of the Rush Hour movies didn’t save Mr. Tucker from having to do a short sale on a mansion in Florida that is 10,000 square feet in order to pay back just some of the $4.4 million he owed on it.

Burt Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds has a 12,000 square foot property with a helipad and a dock for a yacht, but he stopped paying the mortgage in 2010 and is struggling to unload it in a short sale.

Our Lawyers Defend Homeowners Facing Orlando Foreclosure

It’s smart to remember that the debt collector does not discriminate. One day you can be riding high, just like any of the gentlemen here, and the next day you are hit with a lawsuit from the bank and now facing Orlando foreclosure.

Make sure you’re ready to fight foreclosure by finding foreclosure defense lawyers you trust.

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