Foreclosure Attorney: Plaintiffs’ Mistakes Matter

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You don’t get very far as a foreclosure attorney in this town without realizing that the mistakes that plaintiffs make can greatly affect whether your client wins or loses their case. That’s exactly what I was trying to illustrate in the above video by using an extreme case. As I say, my client did everything wrong because she essentially just ignored the case until she was on the verge of losing everything. It’s not a case that she should have won but, because the plaintiff neglected to follow proper procedure, I was able to make her problems go away.

This is important to remember in any court case but it’s especially pertinent when planning a mortgage foreclosure defense because there is so much documentation and paperwork going back and forth. If the entity suing you makes just one mistake, it’s possible that it might harm or even nullify their case against you.

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Foreclosure Attorney: Always Show Documentation to Your Attorney

Banks routinely make mistakes when attempting to foreclose on properties. It could be that they neglected to send you the appropriate paperwork to let you know what was happening. Or that they missed deadlines. Or even that one of their employees gave you improper or incorrect information that led you to make mistakes.

If you are able to document this correspondence—or lack thereof—and offer it to your attorney, it can really make a huge difference. Sometimes lawyers are able to base a client’s entire mortgage foreclosure defense off of a single mistake made by the bank that allows them to keep their home and work things out in a way that’s beneficial to everyone involved. After all, you still have to finish paying off your mortgage to the bank if you keep your home, so they’ll get their money one way or another.

Talk to a Foreclosure Attorney Today—and Bring Everything

Didn’t think that letter you got from the bank yesterday was important? Bring it and let your attorney be the judge. The prospect of losing your house is a serious one and you don’t want to leave any stone unturned in your fight to protect what’s yours.

Arm your foreclosure attorney with all the ammunition you can and you’ll have the best chance to succeed.

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