Florida Foreclosure Attorneys – The Top 5 Complaints We Hear

Are all foreclosure attorneys and law firms the same?

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The Altamonte Springs foreclosure attorneys at TK Law know that poor communication is the thing that bothers clients the most. We also know that it is not the only complaint they have. We have had clients come in and give us troubled stories about foreclosure attorneys they had before us and some of their complaints were alarming due to the lack of professionalism and human decency involved.

We cannot promise that we are always going to be perfect, but what we can say is that we always strive to do our best for you on all levels. What does that mean? Here are some of the most common complaints we have heard about foreclosure attorneys with other firms and how we actively combat them here.

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Florida Foreclosure Attorneys: Most Common Complaints

These complaints run the gamut from things that can negatively impact your case, to pure rudeness, and here at the TK Law Firm we will not stand for it.

Uncivil staff members. Not just our foreclosure defense lawyers, but every single member of our team here goes through a thorough application and screening process where we make sure that they have more than just knowhow. We serve actual people and that means always being polite and courteous. Those who cannot abide by this will face disciplinary action.

Refusing to explain. As foreclosure attorneys, it is our job to make sure our clients understand as much as possible about their case, and that is something instilled in everyone here. If at any time you are confused about something, all you have to do is ask and we will do our best to clarify things.

Promising an outcome and failing. Any lawyer that promises a specific outcome is lying to you and we do not do that here. Instead, we give you an honest, realistic appraisal of your case and work hard to make sure you receive the best outcome.

Lack of preparation. Lawyers tend to be busy people but that is no excuse for failing to prepare for your case. When you speak with us, you will find professionals who always spend the time to learn as much as possible about what you are going through and take pride in always being ready for any situation.

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