A Good Foreclosure Defense Can Help You Stay in Your Home Longer

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Although the video above touches on some of the strategies of a good foreclosure defense, we need to expand on them so that you have a better idea of what a foreclosure lawyer with years of experience can do for you.

Ultimately, the goal at TK Law Firm is to give you whatever you want in your foreclosure case, and I think that’s important to mention because different people have different goals. Some want to save their homes and continue to live in them. Others want to escape from an underwater property without owing the bank extra money.

Whatever your goals are, the common denominator in foreclosure cases is almost always time. You need time to get a new, better job. Time to work out a deal. Time to uncover mistakes that the lender made. Here are some good foreclosure defense plans that can allow you to do that.

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Good Foreclosure Defense Strategies that Buy You Time

When used by experienced foreclosure attorneys, these defense tactics are ways to slow the process down and help you get what you want.

Motion to dismiss. When you read the Complaint letter from the bank, did you notice any errors in the details? Even something small can allow you to file this motion, which is an argument that their Complaint is invalid because it is incorrect. Most of the time you’re not going to win a case this way, but it does buy you time while they are forced to fix the errors.

Party of interest. Did your bank “sell” your mortgage? If so, they may not be allowed to sue you and foreclose, because technically they’ve already gotten their money back. Of course, you have to prove this, but if nothing else this serves as a good foreclosure defense that can buy you some more time.

Record of ownership. Did you know that you don’t really own your house? The lender does. Except that, with all the predatory practices of the last decade where mortgages were bundled together and resold time and again, this can get fuzzy. In order to foreclose, a bank has to provide proof of ownership that is “clear and unambiguous.” If it’s been sold to a dozen different companies since you signed it, there is a chance that someone dropped the ball and the case can be closed. If nothing else, getting them to show this chain of ownership takes time.

File for bankruptcy. This works as a good foreclosure defense in certain cases because you can list the property as an “unsecured asset” to protect it. Once you do this, the bank has to file an objection and then has to show that chain of ownership mentioned above.

A Good Foreclosure Defense Means Taking Action

What’s the point of all this? That a skilled foreclosure lawyer knows how to provide good foreclosure defense in just about any situation, and that taking action is going to provide you with a lot more time than taking none at all. And, there are many other ways to defend against foreclosure and ways to find alternatives to foreclosure in Florida.

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