Representing Yourself in Foreclosure – Attorney Spells Out the Risks

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Have you considered representing yourself in foreclosure in Florida? As mentioned in the video, there are two main reasons why people choose to have a foreclosure attorney represent them. The first is because they’re scared and they want someone helping them who knows what they’re doing. The second reason – related to the first – is that they don’t want to have to deal with the stress of it all.

But many people facing foreclosure wonder if they really need an attorney. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t try representing yourself in foreclosure? Yes, and they are critical.

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Problems with Representing Yourself in Foreclosure

Here are some of the problems regular people encounter when facing Orlando foreclosures without representation.

Eviction. By representing yourself in foreclosure, you stand a good chance that your lender’s high-priced legal team will be able to force you out of your home. A Florida foreclosure defense attorney will know all sorts of litigation tactics that can stretch out your case and help you to stay in your home longer. This gives you much-needed time to come up with a solution that does not involve the bank foreclosing on your home.

What do you look for? One of the first things that a seasoned foreclosure attorney will look at is your loan document. Why? Because it is not that uncommon to find problems in it that can allow the attorney to convince your bank to be a bit more reasonable in their settlement with you. That can mean more time, and less risk to you. Or it may even be that the attorney can work out a deal that lets you stay in your home. A number of Orlando short sales are a result of favorable deals worked out by homeowners’ lawyers. But if you are representing yourself in foreclosure, you are probably not going to know what to look for.

It will just go away. Sometimes, when people talk about “representing themselves,” what they really mean is that they are hoping the problem will disappear if they ignore it for long enough. Not only is this blatantly false in foreclosure cases, you are hurting your chances at winning when you drag your feet or ignore deadlines. Debt continues to mount. The ability to use certain defenses disappears.

Think again about representing yourself in foreclosure.

Even if you’re not sure about using a foreclosure attorney, it is in your best interest to call one as soon as possible so that you can better understand your case and what you need to do.

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