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Kramer Law handles personal injury cases that involve partial or complete paralysis. If your life has been altered due to paralysis, contact one of our compassionate attorneys today online or by calling 1-855-Kramer-Now (1-855-572-6376).

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Paralysis Defined

Paralysis is generally defined as the loss of muscle function to a portion of the body due to the brain’s inability to transmit messages to the part(s) of the body. Herniated disks, fractured vertebrae and nerve impingement may be connected to paralysis. More familiar terms to paralysis are paraplegia (paralysis of the lower half of the body) or quadriplegia/tetraplegia (paralysis of the entire body from the neck down).

The attorneys at Kramer Law have obtained financial compensation for various victims of spinal cord injuries. We represent people with paraplegia, quadriplegia, and other types of paralysis caused by medical malpractice, negligent driving, construction accidents, sport-related injury claims and other accidents where another person is responsible for your injury.

The attorneys at Kramer Law are accomplished in Florida legislation that applies to paralysis cases. We have longstanding relationships with some of the top licensed professionals that are willing to evaluate our clients’ situation and tell a judge or jury just how crippling – emotionally, financially and medically – paralysis is to someone and his or her family.

What Incidents often lead to Paralysis Injuries?

Based on research and previous accident/personal injury cases we have represented, we find that some of the most common causes of paralysis involve:

Other than injuries directly related to birth or medical conditions, some of the common accidents and acts of negligence that lead to paralysis involve: [Link to each practice area]

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Those suffering paralysis or a spinal cord injury after an accident often end up with exorbitant medical bills. They may be unable to return to the work they once performed. The home may need to be adapted with mobility aids and assistive technology. On-going therapy or in-home care may be necessary. These expenses quickly reach overwhelming amounts.

Kramer Law encourages anyone experiencing paralysis not give up on themselves or their families during the physical, emotional or financial hardship brought on by the injury. While you focus on your healing, we will focus on the legal process it may take to restore your income and the best life you can have moving forward.

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