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Leisure outings in the water can suddenly turn catastrophic when swimming pool accidents end in a serious injury or death. Because of these steadily occurring tragedies, Florida legislation is straight to the point on pool safety requirements. Sadly, the state still ranks high in the number of drowning deaths happening each year, particularly for young children.

The personal injury attorneys at Kramer Law thoroughly examine cases to establish fault and the severity of pool injuries. Our lawyers are well-trained in premises liability and will work to establish every responsible party.

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When Negligence Causes Swimming Pool Injuries

Few things are more tragic than the death or drowning of a child. The unfortunate reality happens many times due to negligence or blatant violation of the law. Other swimming pool injuries may be the result of a child or children being unsupervised near water, a pool that is poorly maintained, or a defect with the pool or suctioning malfunction.

Florida legislation outlines the obligations property owners have to their guests. All public pool areas in the state must adhere to explicit regulations. For example, failure to have at least one safety feature in a residential pool can have criminal ramifications. A devoted lawyer to your case, such as the attorneys at Kramer Law, can apply each law pertaining to your case to gain fair and maximum compensation.

Our law firm will carefully examine all permits – or lack thereof. We will also inspect any evidence our client has available, including witnesses, and the names or insurance information of anyone tasked with overseeing pool safety.

Holding Responsible Parties Accountable in Swimming Pool Accidents

It may be difficult for you alone to determine fault in a swimming pool accident. What should not be difficult is the decision to have a reliable and knowledgeable attorney beside you for any legal matters that arise because of the injury.

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