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If you have suffered a personal injury that has left you scarred or disfigured, contact the Orlando scarring injury attorneys at Kramer Law. You may be entitled to compensation for the harm and losses you have suffered, including compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings, and the impact of your injuries on your life.

It is understandable that a person’s physical identity before a scar is how he or she intends to spend the rest of life. When someone is subject to significant and permanent scarring or disfigurement, it gives way to emotional challenges and may also change how a person is viewed by others.

Call the Orlando attorneys at Kramer Law today if any type of laceration, scars, or other disfigurement left a physical or emotional impact on a once exciting quality of life. Compensation is possible. We will review the incident that led to the scar injury and gather any information that adds value to the case. Reach us quickly at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

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Scar Injury Causes and Types

Scars can expand beyond the original injury and cause discolorations. Some infected scars lead to amputation. Treatments include surgical removal, steroids, and therapy. Sometimes it takes months or even years to recover physically and emotionally from scarring that occurs from the following incidents:

Scar Injury Compensation

A victim of any form of scar injury caused by someone’s negligence has the right to call an attorney and seek the best advice on moving forward in a legal case. We know that scarring can have a profound emotional and psychological impact, especially with disfiguring injuries to children.

Forms of compensation once a case is resolved include payment for lost wages, medical bills, long-term care, and pain and suffering. It takes a knowledgeable attorney willing to go to bat against often large corporations to reach the most value in the case. Maximum payment for scar injuries is not an insurance company’s priority. It is, however, our priority.

Do not let naysayers, including the opposite party, discourage action. We offer a free consultation at Kramer Law to ease any concerns that surface.

Orlando Scarring Injury Attorneys Use Team Support to Put Your Welfare First

The best legal teams sometimes rely on more than just each other to fight the absolute hardest for our clients. At Kramer Law, we team up with financial, medical, and other professional experts at the top of their fields to assist our clients in managing the rest of their life.

Kramer Law’s record speaks for itself in relation to case victories. More importantly, we are concerned about the futures of the people we represent.

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