I Was Hurt in a Florida Car Accident. When Should I See a Doctor?

Florida law states that if you are injured in a car crash, in order to qualify for PIP insurance coverage you must have a medical evaluation within 14 days of the accident. Injuries must be documented on that first visit.

Under Florida no-fault law,

The question of when to see a doctor after a car wreck may seem simple. A collision may cause injuries that are clearly serious where prompt attention required. If you suffered severe head or neck trauma, lacerations or broken bones, likely the first action you will take is to seek medical help.

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But not all car wrecks are life-altering. And these are the cases in which various scenarios can influence a person’s choice to seek immediate medical treatment.

If an injury seems minor at the time, it is easy to delay the doctor’s visit with the “I’m OK” posture and tough it out. On the other hand, you may believe you are hurt but you do not want to miss an important business trip or change your vacation plans. Maybe you do not have insurance, or you hate emergency rooms.

There are countless reasons to put off seeing a doctor. Yet in our role as Orlando car accident attorneys, we see cases in which such decisions are costly.

Identify Latent Injuries from Car Collisions

Unlike broken bones or open wounds, some injuries will not present themselves clearly until days or weeks have passed. These often include internal injuries to organs, soft-tissue damage, neck and spinal trauma, ligament tears or internal bleeding. Some of the most tragic injuries involve damage to the brain, where collision impact causes closed head injuries that may remain undetected without clinical examination.

Although they do not show up at first, latent injuries may incur tremendous medical costs and long-term disability down the road.

The reality is, medical evaluations becomes a legal issue because insurance companies may use the avoidance of prompt medical treatment as proof that your injuries are not severe or even present.

If You Are Hurt in a Florida Car Accident, Take these Steps Right Away

Action 1: File an accident report with law enforcement to document what has happened to you.

Action 2: See a qualified doctor about all possible related injuries within the 14-day time window.

Action 3: If you believe your injuries are due to the reckless actions or poor decisions of another, we urge you to at least speak with a seasoned car accident lawyer to know what your options are.

Why would you need a lawyer? Even if you have waived your rights to PIP coverage by delaying medical treatment, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. Filing a lawsuit may secure vital compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages and other financial losses. For this and many other critical reasons, learn exactly how a good attorney can tell you whether your case is worth pursuing.

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If you are hurt in a Florida car accident, the time to see a doctor is now.

The key is that after 14 days, your rights to any PIP coverage are lost. So under current legislation, to a certain extent the question “When should I see a doctor” is answered for you.

Putting off getting medical attention can not only quash your chance of the PIP coverage you deserve, it may hinder a possible personal injury claim. If you are in doubt about your situation, contact our firm and see what we have to say about your specific case.

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