Orlando Truck Accident Investigation Attorney

Large trucking companies employ attorneys and big insurance corporations that try to protect them from large payouts in wrecks caused by the truck drivers, or happen as a result of vehicle defects, failed equipment or dangerous loads. Innocent victims injured in big rig collisions deserve an experienced Orlando truck accident investigation attorney who effectively fights for their rights.

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Detailed Investigation into your Truck Accident is Key to a Successful Case

The key to proving negligence, recklessness or deliberate wrong in tractor-trailer accidents is establishing causation that the trucking company, truck driver, truck manufacturer or other party was responsible for the injuries in the wreck. An attorney who knows the most intricate details about personal injury law, combined with a working knowledge of the laws governing the trucking industry, will know how to launch a proper investigation into your case, even to the point of reconstructing the accident.

From ground or aerial photographs to witness interviews, our legal team immediately investigates the truck accident scene for all evidence, as hard proof and witnesses’ memories can be lost over time. The investigation should include all apparent evidence in a truck wreck, including the truck’s black box, GPS tracking data (if available) and any visible debris or marks at the scene of the accident.

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Our attorneys and investigators examine the police accident reports, and then look beyond the reports to uncover missed evidence. An effective attorney looks deeper into the truck driver’s driving record, maintenance and training records, as well as the history of the company for which the driver works.

There could be past violations a company never corrected that led to your wreck. The attorneys at Kramer Law will find these details and use them for the benefit of your case.

Orlando Truck Investigation Lawyers on Your Side

An airtight investigation into a commercial truck accident is critical to secure maximum compensation in our client’s personal injury or wrongful death case. At Kramer Law, we employ experts from several fields of expertise to review accident scenes, witness statements, company policies, truck and trailer maintenance logs, safety records, personnel records and more.

The team of attorneys at Kramer Law put our all into the cases we represent because we know the importance of fair and just compensation to our clients. Behind every case are families seeking justice. When commercial trucks become public safety hazards via someone’s negligent acts or reckless decisions, we apply the law to help families obtain the financial and structural help they will need far into the future, as well as to send a message to the community that careless mistakes or misconduct on our roadways will not be tolerated.

We are ready to help get your life back on track. Contact Kramer Law today and learn how a tough-minded truck accident lawyer can make a difference in your case.

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