Orlando Truck Underride Collision Attorney

Devastation hits Florida’s roadways time after time each year when drivers suffer from underride and override accidents with large trucks. The experienced Orlando truck underride collision attorneys at Kramer Law hold those responsible for our clients’ catastrophic injuries by seeking the highest level of compensation available.

Underride accidents occur when the side, front or rear of a passenger vehicle somehow goes under a large truck or trailer. The wrecks often happen when there is little or no sunlight (such as nighttime) or when sight is affected by a hill or glaring sunlight.

Unfortunately, underride accidents are often fatal, with a high risk of decapitation. The tragic experience should not be complicated by inadequate legal help. The attorneys at Kramer Law have decades of experience successfully representing our clients and gaining the maximum value for their case from all responsible parties.

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If you were injured or lost a loved in a truck underride collision, call a personal injury lawyer at Kramer Law today. You can reach us anytime by calling 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

Causes of Orlando Truck Underride Collisions

Underride accidents are often so sudden that law enforcement and legal counsel need to begin gathering evidence on the scene as soon as possible. The experts we employ at Kramer Law investigate the following causes to begin building your case. We want to know whether:

  • Anyone involved in the accident was distracted or impaired
  • Speeding, driving too slow, or some other traffic infraction was a factor
  • Conspicuity (the clear visibility of an object) was adequate
  • The truck’s side lights, tail lights or emergency flashers were clearly visible and working properly
  • Weather contributed in any way
  • Defective equipment led to wreck

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Kramer Law: Attorneys for Life

A call to Kramer Law will not heal your injuries or bring back a loved one lost in an underride wreck, but what the call does do is place you on the path to justice so that you and your family can move forward. You may be eligible, in a truck underride collision lawsuit, to recover significant damages such as medical expenses, lost wages and the loss of capacity to earn, property damage, pain and suffering and more.

Knowing someone is held accountable to pay for the harms and losses they have caused in a personal injury case can also add to your peace of mind, as well as send a message in Orlando that reckless and careless driving must not be tolerated. By winning just compensation for our clients’ injuries and losses, we deter and hopefully change unsafe conduct and actions.

Contact us today. A full service law firm, the attorneys at Kramer Law believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. We strive to earn our client’s indispensable trust with the purpose of becoming the one firm they rely on for any of life’s legal challenges.

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