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When someone is injured or killed because of another’s reckless driving on Florida’s roadways, the loss and detriment are the same no matter what negligent or criminal activity leads up to it.

Call an injury attorney at Kramer Law if a driver’s willful or wanton disregard in the Orlando area leaves you or a loved one injured. Examples of reckless driving in Florida include:

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It takes an accident attorney with considerable experience in reckless driving accident cases to investigate what happened, identify witnesses and responsible parties, and take proper legal action.

No matter the form of the driver’s aggressive or reckless behavior, we start collecting evidence right away to construct and prove your personal injury case. At Kramer Law, we will seek damages to the full extent of the law so that your family receives compensation for the senseless act committed.

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Consequences when Reckless Driving Causes Injury

People convicted of reckless driving with bodily injury face a third degree felony, and are subject to jail or prison time and hundreds of dollars in fines. However, this punishment appears light when compared to the severe injury or loss of life because of the driver’s disregard to Florida’s traffic laws. Matters are intensified when reckless driving is the direct result of a person fleeing police authorities, which leaves everyone else on the roads subject to unnecessary and inexplicable danger.

The concerned attorneys at Kramer Law will pull together and analyze all vital evidence in our client’s case to establish fault. We go after the maximum insurance limits, as well as any other compensation due to our client and his or her family as a result of reckless driving in Florida.

Steps for Injury Victims to Take after the Accident

Seek medical attention and call authorities right away if you are involved in a traffic accident. Afterward, it is crucial that you call an experienced attorney who can help preserve the integrity of the case.

If you are able, collect any insurance and driver information while on the scene. Take pictures with a camera or cell phone, and do not admit to any error, even if you are uncertain whether you may somewhat be at fault.

If the accident involves what you perceive to be a police chase, let your Kramer Law attorney know. There may be more than one responsible party when we seek full and fair compensation for you.

Working for our Personal Injury Clients

Every car accident attorney at Kramer Law has a background of winning cases. We thoroughly prepare each case, working with vehicular accident reconstruction specialists, investigators and other experts to further prove our client’s claims.

We consider it an honor and an obligation to represent our clients with courage and knowledge. We will not collect any payment unless we win a case for you. Even then, our fees are collected from the settlement or judgment so that you will never pay money from your current income.

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