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Throughout Orlando, road rage and hostile driving have caused serious auto accidents, injuries and death. There are legal consequences for people who intimidate or endanger others’ lives because of their own impatience or lack of control. An experienced Orlando road rage accident lawyer at Kramer Law helps victims and their families obtain compensation for serious injuries caused by angry, dangerous drivers and all forms of threatening behavior launched from behind the wheel.

Florida law identifies road rage as “aggressive driving.” Anyone who believes he or she is a victim of road rage should not retaliate on his or her own in any way. Instead, call law enforcement first. Then, call a competent lawyer.

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Road Rage Signs

Based on previous cases and research by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the following actions are potential signs of road rage:

  • Sudden actions like acceleration, braking, tailgating or merging
  • Hitting the horn or flashing lights
  • Yelling obscenities
  • Attempting to make eye contact with an opposing driver instead of watching the road
  • Throwing objects from the vehicle, whether moving or not
  • Threatening to intentionally cause – or purposely causing – a crash
  • Getting out of a vehicle with the perceived intention of starting an altercation

During and After Your Road Rage Accident

Remember, your chances for maximum compensation for you or your family’s road rage-related injuries are best when you are without fault. Therefore, do not take matters into your own hands by making any contact – including eye contact – with the angered driver. If possible, pull to the side of the road to call authorities or have someone else do so.

Kramer Law has several decades of combined experience representing clients whose lives are changed due to car accidents and personal injuries throughout Orlando. Our network of experts works with families to get their lives back on track, while we handle the civil side of the lawsuit so our clients are compensated for their injuries, pain and suffering. We do not charge our clients attorney fees unless we recover damages, and even then our compensation comes from the reward.

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