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An attorney who knows personal injury law and how to apply it is critical to tracking down the at-fault drivers in Orlando multi vehicle accident cases. The experienced lawyers at Kramer Law have effectively sought and gained the highest level of compensation for clients who were seriously injured in multiple car pileups on Orlando and Central Florida roadways.

Let us help you in your personal injury claim. Contact Kramer Law today for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the evidence in your case. These cases must be handled properly from the start. Insurance companies will have experienced investigators working hard on their own behalf because the compensation at stake will likely be substantial.

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From the moment we take your case, our attorneys and team of experts go to work to investigate and build an airtight claim for maximum compensation. Even if our client has some responsibility in the accident, any out-of-pocket expenses or claims against his or her insurance may be offset by the payment from other liable drivers. An injury victim may not realize the full amount of recovery he or she is entitled to without taking the first step to call an experienced attorney.

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Typical Causes of Orlando Multi-Car Pileups

The key to victory in multi vehicle accident claims is identifying exactly who – or what – is the cause of the initial wreck. Was the wreck caused by a chain reaction, where the front vehicle suddenly stopped, causing the vehicles following behind to hit the front car in the rear end, resulting in a chain reaction of 3 cars or more?

Perhaps the car behind you hit you from behind, and then seconds later he was hit in the rear by a third car and rams back into you. Are all three drivers at fault? Was the driver in back following at a safe distance or too closely? Did the braking driver have cause to slam on brakes? Were several cars hit several times by the same or different vehicles? These questions and more will pertain to the entire number of vehicles involved in the collision.

Kramer Law has combined decades of experience in establishing negligence in order to file an insurance claim, and to recover damages for serious injuries. We represent clients in cases where factors of the wreck involve:

What to Do After an Orlando Multi Vehicle Accident

Certainly, wrecks involving multiple cars become more complicated. Casualties and injuries may ensue, with many drivers experiencing shock. Gasoline leakage and dangerous debris may be present. Fires are possible. Passengers may be trapped in their cars. Other traffic may not have come to a stop, and rescue vehicles may still be on the way the scene.

When you are physically able to do so, the steps to take after a multiple vehicle wreck are similar to the steps to take after any car accident. It is a duty of Florida drivers to always notify law enforcement (if physically able) after an accident. Law enforcement will generally alert medical help. The most important thing is to be treated medically. Do not deny medical attention, even if it is just to ensure you are okay.

Then, call your attorney immediately. We can deal with all insurance companies on your behalf, as well as help you throughout the process to ensure you are treated fairly and compensated justly.

Client-Focused Legal Services

It is possible that more than one party is liable in a multi vehicle pileup. The attorneys at Kramer Law know what details to look for to determine who is responsible. We review the evidence in each case and treat our clients with the dignity they deserve.

Our team is large enough to handle the most complex legal cases in the state of Florida, but small enough to have genuine compassion for every client. You will always work with an experienced attorney; you will never be passed off to a case worker. It is our hope to serve you and your family for a lifetime, and not just one incident. Contact Kramer Law today.

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