Divorce in Florida: What a Request for Production Can Show

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If you just watched the above video, you know that if you’re getting a divorce in Florida, you want to make a request for production to help your case and make sure that you – and the court – have all the information needed to make accurate determinations about what your post-marriage plan should look like.

I specifically mention how these documents can impact child support, but that’s only the beginning.

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A Request for Production Can Impact a Lot of Things in a Divorce in Florida

Here are some of the most common ways that a request for production can affect a couple’s post-marriage plan.

Alimony payments. This one seems obvious, right? After all, if the information in financial documents can impact child support, it stands to reason that alimony may also be affected in divorce in Florida. Maybe your spouse has hidden accounts to make it look like he or she can’t afford to pay as much as you want. Or your spouse is self-employed and his or her stated income is a lot less than their actual income because of all the deductions.

Parenting plan. Money certainly isn’t everything when it comes to defining the parenting plan and figuring out how to split time, but if you can show that your spouse simply doesn’t have the ability to support a child, it may contribute to helping you become the primary caregiver.

Grounds for divorce. What if your spouse mistreated you or your children during your marriage or carried on an affair? If documented evidence exists, a request for production can help you gain access to it.

In addition to financial disclosure, other evidence may be sought to define the outcome of divorce in Florida. Requests to produce emails, computer records, photographs of relevant circumstances and other tangible evidence could influence the financial settlement or point to the fact that it may be in the best interest of the child to have a different environment.

Depending on the situation, a request for production can affect the final divorce agreement including alimony payments, child support, asset distribution, the parenting plan, and more. If you want to know how a request for production can affect your divorce in Florida, contact a family law and divorce attorney at Kramer Law Firm and we can look at the specifics of your case.

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