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Changes in laws and circumstances sometimes create the need to modify Florida time sharing between two parents. In our video, we used the example where a visitation schedule may have been established years ago and one parent now wants to spend more time with his or her child. Another case may be if finances or living arrangements have changed and a parent is in a better (or worse) environment for his or her child to visit.

Whatever the situation, you legally cannot arbitrarily “modify” your own time-sharing plan. You have to request a modification from the court. Contact the family law attorneys at Kramer Law so we can properly assist you in legally modifying your agreement.

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Factors Considered to Modify Florida Time Sharing Agreements

Florida law allows modifications be made when there is a “substantial, material or unanticipated” change in circumstances. Florida courts approve child support, parenting plans and time-sharing agreements based on what is in the best interest of the child.

There are some common reasons parents wish to modify a time-sharing agreement:

  • Change in Finances: If your job or finances have significantly changed for the better or for worse, then it is important you seek a shift in your time-sharing plan for the best interest of your child or children.
  • More Time with Children: The older your child gets, the more time you both may want to spend with each other. And in Florida, if your agreement was drafted before 2008, some of the laws regarding your case have changed anyway.
  • Paternity: If—after a time-sharing, child support and parenting plan has been established—you determine that you are not a biological parent, you have grounds to modify the plan. However, it is important you do not take measures into your own hands by refusing to follow the law without a modification.
  • Relocation: If either the custodial or non-custodial parent relocates or has plans to move over 50 miles away from the address listed at the time the parenting plan was approved, a request for modification must be filed.

Orlando Family Attorneys for Life

Our attorneys have years of experience representing clients in their modification cases. We understand that what may have seemed fair and logical when you had a better job or when a child was younger (such as when a time sharing agreement was set when the child was an infant and now the child is a teenager) may not be fair and logical and in the child’s best interests today.

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