Orlando Family Law Lawyer: How to Handle Divorce Papers

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As an Orlando Family Law lawyer, I know how devastating it can be for many of my clients when their husband or wife serves them with divorce papers. Instead of dealing with it, their first instinct is to ignore the existence of the papers completely. Their hope is that if they pretend the papers don’t exist, the problem will just go away.

Unfortunately, as I describe in my video, that is not the case at all. Ignoring the problem will just make it harder for you in the long run, so you have to deal with it. But how?

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An Orlando Family Law Lawyer Tells You What to Do With Divorce Papers

The first thing to do when you get divorce papers is probably the last thing you want to do: read them. They contain information that’s important for you to know.

You’ll learn why your spouse is divorcing you, what he or she is asking for, and – if you have children who are minors – you’ll be given a “standing order” that prevents you or your spouse from taking the kids out of the state or causing them or your spouse any harm.

Perhaps the most valuable information is in the summons, where you will find your “answer period.” This period will be a set number of days that you have to respond to the papers by filing an answer with the court. Typically, this period is 20 days.

During this time you should talk with an Orlando Family Law lawyer to cut through all the legal jargon in the divorce papers and discuss your options. Some people simply agree to the divorce, while others want to file a “counterclaim” that describes why they want to divorce their spouse and may also ask for relief.

Regardless, some sort of answer has to be given to the court within this timeframe or the court will go ahead with the divorce without you and you may not have any say whatsoever in what happens. If you want to know more about your specific case, talk to an Orlando Family Law lawyer today.

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