How to Work Well with Your Orlando Divorce Lawyer

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The video above gives reasons why our family law firm might not take your divorce case. Let’s examine the flip side and talk about how you can work well with your divorce lawyer in Orlando.

It is important to have a good professional relationship with your lawyer because if the two of you are working well together, your case will go much more smoothly, be less stressful and even save you money and enhance your divorce settlement.

Choosing the best divorce attorney in Kissimmee, Orlando or surrounding areas is an important decision. If you are in a difficult family law situation, reach out to Kramer Law. To find out how we can serve you, contact our law firm today.Call 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

6 Tips for a Good Professional Relationship with Your Divorce Lawyer in Orlando

Write down your questions. Before your first meeting with your attorney, write down any questions that you might have – especially related to the services that your divorce attorney can realistically provide – so that the two of you are on the same page from the very beginning.

Be open with your lawyer. In order to have the best possible outcome for your case, you will need to fill your attorney in on all information that could pertain to your case. For example, suppose you want a child support modification to lower your monthly payments because you recently lost your job, but you also got a severance package. You need to let your lawyer know about that because the other party’s lawyer could bring that up to make a case against you. By telling your divorce attorney everything up front they can be prepared for anything that comes your way in court or in a mediation.

Bring important documents to your meeting with your lawyer. Take the example of a child support modification case again: bring your financial records to your divorce lawyer in Orlando so that he or she could get an accurate picture of your financial history and you can discuss the future of your case with good information and come up with a game plan going forward.

Ask for clarification. If you ever do not understand something that your lawyer is talking about, ask for clarification. The best lawyers are good at communicating and should be able to explain even the most complex legal ideas to you. A good divorce lawyer in Orlando will want to make sure that you understand everything that is going on in your case. Make sure that you and your attorney understand each other and communicate effectively together.

Two Final Points to Help Your Divorce Attorney in Kissimmee FL Serve You Better

Keep your appointments. Make sure to keep all your appointments and court appearances, and definitely be on time. You have a limited opportunity to make an impression on the judge in your case. Even though it is a basic idea, remember to always be on time for hearings so that the court understands that you take your case and your family seriously.

Keep in touch with your divorce lawyer. We believe that good communication is the most important aspect of the attorney-client relationship. You should expect that if you call your divorce lawyer in Orlando or Kissimmee, your lawyer will always call you back and within one business day. At the same time, always return your attorney’s call and emails so that they can get answers to important questions and ensure that everything in your case runs on schedule.

Remember, you are both on the same team, and you want to keep each other informed so that you make the most of your time and have every advantage available.

What Makes Our Divorce Lawyers in Orlando a Good Choice?

When you choose Kramer Law, you get the resources of a large firm and the caring, thoughtful service of a local Florida divorce attorney.

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